I’ve included instructions for mosaic crochet in the last few patterns I’ve published. Everything I’ve published before then can be used for mosaic as well – if you can read the chart.

Chart reading is a very handy skill.

Not all charts can be instantly converted to mosaic or to interlocking or to whatever craft you’re using. But so many crafts use charts!

A chart drawn up for mosaic crochet generally can NOT be used for interlocking crochet. But any interlocking crochet chart CAN be used for mosaic crochet.

And technically you can do single-row (cut-and-tie) or two-row mosaic but if it is a picture-type-image it will be stretched if done in two-row style. The abstract designs are much more forgiving when it comes to that.

I do mention (very briefly) how to read a chart when doing mosaic crochet in my YouTube tutorial. *Updated to change terminology from f/b to dc/sc*

You’ll want to grab the PDF of the Mosaic Tutorial Hearts pattern from Ravelry or in my Facebook group (just like the interlocking pattern).

I would like to get more videos up but they take time. If you have watched my other videos you’ll hear me talk about my children, and about how I can only do the videos when they are quiet or when dad takes them outside for a walk or something.

I do a lot of the computer work for pattern-making on my phone while making the baby nap. I also waste a lot of time browsing pinterest or Instagram or Facebook ?

And now I get to add midnight blog writing to my repertoire. My 3 year old is having a hard time sleeping tonight. I’m sure that as soon as he falls asleep the baby will wake up.

Such is life.

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