Tutorial Hearts 10

Interlocking & Mosaic

When I started designing it was for the interlocking crochet technique only.

Later I added the overlay mosaic crochet option to all of my designs – including this little tutorial square!


The “10” at the end of the title is actually a size reference.

When you use the interlocking crochet technique, this square begins with 10 windows in the foundation row.

The overlay mosaic crochet technique doesn’t use windows, but you’ll need two foundation single crochet (FSC) stitches per window plus three. So in this case, you’ll begin with 23 FSC.

If you use worsted weight yarn you’ll get a square of about 5″ / 13cm regardless of which technique you use. Your hook size and tension will affect the final size.


You can follow along with the free interlocking crochet tutorial on YouTube or grab the free PDF of either crochet technique!

Many Hearts

If you’d like this adorable nested-heart design in a bigger size, you’re in luck! I’ve got a full collection of squares and patterns that use my Many Hearts design!

Quick reminder (probably telling the people that already know):
copyright status applies to free patterns as well.

You can see my copyright statement here: https://ashleeslint.com/2021/03/23/copyright/

Interlocking Crochet Tutorials

Every pattern I create as a tutorial square ends with “10” because it is this small 5″ square. And these tutorial squares are all free!

Tutorial Hearts 10 has a full video walk-thru on YouTube! It is broken into small videos because when I first created my YouTube channel they had limits on what I could upload.

Check out the playlist here.

The free PDF can be found in my Facebook group or on Ravelry.


More Tutorials

This is not the only square that can help you learn interlocking crochet.

Check out my other tutorials at ashleeslint.com/tutorials/#lfm



Interlocking crochet is a term that is increasingly popular but a few years ago there was some confusion regarding whether everyone was allowed to use that term so you will see that designers came up with their own desciptive titles such as “Locked Filet Mesh” (or LFM).

I still use LFM as a quick way to refer to this technique.

The first series of videos I created on YouTube were for the interlocking crochet version of Tutorial Hearts 10.

Overlay Mosaic Crochet

The free PDF for Tutorial Hearts 10 includes both crochet techniques (interlocking and mosaic) and can be found in my Facebook group or on Ravelry.

I’ve also got more tutorials and walk-thrus that can help you learn overlay mosaic crochet.

You’ll notice that the border lines that are required in my interlocking crochet method have remained on the chart for this overlay mosaic crochet square. That is not required for the technique! These little hearts could have gone all the way to the edges without have those straight lines bordering them on all sides. It’s just the way my design looks.