In recent months, there has been a distinction between two types of mosaic crochet: inset and overlay. All of my patterns can be done using the overlay mosaic crochet technique (as well as the interlocking crochet technique).

This is how I describe overlay mosaic crochet: this technique uses single crochet and double crochet stitches. The double crochet stitches cover some of the other color’s single crochet stitches to create the design. My patterns instruct you to cut your yarn at the end of each row. The back is striped but often gives a faint impression of the pattern on the front (sort of like illusion knitting).

The other types of crochet that often get mixed into the discussion but are not considered ‘mosaic’ techniques are interlocking, tapestry, and brioche. Some day I hope to have tutorials showing all the different techniques!

You can watch my quick video tutorial on the stitches used in overlay mosaic crochet:

The stitches used in overlay mosaic crochet

I had to update my original tutorial because I have changed my patterns to use sc/dc instead of b/f but the concept and the way the stitches look is the same so it is still a useful video. It is embedded below. If you want to download the pattern used in the video, you can get it on Ravelry or view it here. It is called Tutorial Hearts.

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