Three of the five people living in my house have birthdays in August!

First, my husband. He buys his own gift and I make him a meal (kind of like every day lol). I also make him a cake each year and decorate it fancy (but very homemade “fancy”… not professional looking).

Then, a few days later, my baby will turn 1! I’ll bake her some cupcakes or a small cake to smash.

Exactly a week later is my eldest daughter’s birthday: she will be 6 this year!

So, to celebrate, I’ve managed to add mosaic instructions to my “Birthday Cupcake” pattern and it will be on sale for $1 for the rest of the month!

Or, if you prefer, you can grab it on Etsy! Their discounts don’t work the same way so I’ve just changed the “regular” price temporarily.