This is my 3rd CAL (Crochet-A-Long). I am so impressed with the projects we have made together so far and I know this one is going to be beautiful!

This will be the landing page for all the details for this CAL using the MOSAIC TECHNIQUE. Click here to go to the interlocking version.

The free CAL begins September 1, 2020 but each section will remain here on my blog forever. The links below will update as each part becomes available. Please subscribe here to receive the updates by email!

The free parts on the blog do not include the chart, but you can purchase the pattern on Ravelry or Etsy, where you will receive the chart and instructions for both techniques. I really appreciate the support!

Until August 31, 2020, you can get a 40% discount on the PDF (Etsy) (Ravelry) – after that it will be full-price or available here on the blog in pieces.

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If you match gauge you will get a blanket large enough to cover a queen bed plus drape (80″ x 90″ / 203 cm x 229 cm). If you prefer to use DK yarn your blanket should be about 67″ x 60″ / 170 cm x 152 cm). This is the same information found in the first blog post I made about this design.

  • US crochet terminology
  • Chart is 359 x 321 = 115,239 stitches!
  • Finished size 90” x 80” (Queen plus drape)
  • 4.5 mm hook (US7)
  • Worsted weight yarn (9420 yards)
    • Main color (black in chart) – 4610 yards
    • Contrasting color – 4610 yards
    • Plus 200 yards for optional envelope border
  • Gauge: 16 SC x 16 rows = 4”

The pattern looks repetitive but it also has a lot of randomness in it which means there is no easy formula for making it smaller. Side note: my helper and I spent 2 weeks editing the pattern to condense those repeats! The mosaic pattern went from 69 to 24, and the LFM pattern went from to 80 to 22.

The free releases will begin on September 1, 2020. Each week I will release 24 rows; if you can keep up, you will be able to finish before Christmas!

Mosaic Links

Sept. 1: Part 1 – Foundation to Row 24

Sept 8: Part 2 – Rows 25-48

Sept. 15: Part 3 – Rows 49-72

Sept. 22: Part 4 – Rows 73-96

Sept. 29: Part 5 – Rows 97-120

Oct. 6: Part 6 – Rows 121-144

Oct. 13: Part 7 – Rows 145-168

Oct. 20: Part 8 – Rows 169-192

Oct. 27: Part 9 – Rows 193-216

Nov. 3: Part 10 – Rows 217-240

Nov. 10: Part 11 – Rows 241-264

Nov. 17: Part 12 – Rows 265-288

Nov. 24: Part 13 – Rows 289-312

Dec. 1: Part 14 – Rows 313-336

Dec. 8: Part 15 – Rows 337-358

Optional Envelope Border

Key for Mosaic Crochet

MC = Main Color: black in chart

CC = Contrasting Color: white in chart

Sp = space

Sk = skip a stitch

CH = chain

SC = single crochet

sc = SC into Back Loop only

DC = double crochet

dc = DC into Front Loop of stitch, 2 rows below

JS = Joining Stitch: insert hook under both loops, pull up a loop, slip stitch, SC in same space

ES = End Stitch: SC under both loops, CH 1, cut yarn and pull through tightly

Mosaic Technique

Please see the YouTube tutorial for more details. I use a single-row mosaic technique. Each square on the chart corresponds to one stitch. There is an additional stitch (not visible on the chart) on each side of the chart for joining and ending

  • The front of your work is always facing you (this is the right side, the side showing the design)
  • You are always working from the right to the left
  • You tie on a new yarn at the beginning of each row and cut it at the end
  • Yarn colors can be anything you like
    • They need to contrast well (try a black and white photo to see if they are too similar)
    • They need to be the same weight (size/thickness)
    • My charts use black as the Main Color and white as the Coordinating Color
  • I prefer using a chainless SC to create my foundation row because then I have tails on both sides of my work just like all the other rows will have
  • Even-numbered rows use MC; odd-numbered rows use CC

If you aren’t familiar with mosaic crochet yet, make sure you check out my YouTube tutorials or PDF tutorials and do a little practice before we get started!