I always have multiple projects on the go. I tried counting my WIPs (works-in-progress) but it gets overwhelming. I have heard of people keeping a journal log, and I really like that idea except it is one more thing floating around for the kids to lose or the toddler to draw on.

That is why saving my projects online really catches my attention!

Ravelry has a lot of great features (and some things are not so great, but that’s true about pretty much everything in life). One thing you can do is create a project, which is linked to a pattern, and then everyone who wants to try that project can see what you’ve done! It’s a great way to get color inspiration and it is a fun way to see everyone’s progress in a Crochet-A-Long (CAL).

For my Abstract Queen CAL I am going to have a weekly prize to keep you all motivated to get this massive blanket finished!

Week 1 starts on September 1. If you have already purchased the pattern you can get started right away, but even if you haven’t purchased the pattern you CAN create a project page on Ravelry showing us the pile of yarn you are going to use!

On August 31, right before the CAL starts, I will randomly select one of the linked projects to win your choice of a $5 gift certificate to my pattern store OR the Abstract Queen pattern (which, on September 1, goes back to the regular price of $6 CAD).

You can name your project anything you want; I usually leave it as suggested because I’m lazy. Lately, I have been adding “Mosaic” or “LFM” to the title because it helps me see at a glance which projects I’ve done in which technique.

To be entered into the first draw make sure you add at least one relevant picture. If you do have the pattern already, make sure you don’t show it in the pictures (that goes for any copyrighted pattern, not just this project).

You can see in the screenshot above I have shared it with my Ravelry group – we would love it if you joined us there too!