The Abstract Queen CAL is *almost* over, so I must move on to the next exciting thing!

For the month of December 2020 I will be publishing some holiday-themed patterns. You can buy the eBook here on Ravelry and it will be updated with each new pattern as they are released. Or you can buy the patterns individually.

An image of the first four patterns published in my 2020 Holiday eBook
An image of the first four patterns published in my 2020 Holiday eBook

I will be adding the patterns to Etsy in bundles of 5. The set up for Etsy vs Ravelry is quite different and I hope that those who are “Etsy-only” will be ok with the needed patience.

Part 1 is on Etsy: 2020 Block, Decorated Tree, Jingle Bells, Snowflake, Stocking

Part 2 is now on Etsy: Glowing Lanterns, Nativity, Hanukkah, Dove, Snowflake of Hearts

Part 3 on Etsy: Sleigh, Chimney, Snowflake Sparkle, Lace Snowflake, Prancing Deer

You may already know I have a sale on a few select patterns (Ravelry only). Use code “Holiday20” until Dec. 31, 2020 to get 20% off these patterns (this list will get longer):

The new patterns are being added to the eBook and although there are only a few squares included right now, by the end of the month there will be at least 9, but likely 12 or 15. It will be a minimum of 30% savings if you buy the eBook instead of grabbing the new squares individually (but the more I add to the eBook, the higher the savings is!)

I published the Jingle Bells, Stocking, and Decorated Tree patterns before coming out with the eBook, so I also set it up on Ravelry to give a discount to those who had purchased these patterns before having the eBook option. It is an automatic discount and only applies to those three squares.

I can only assume that not everyone will love EVERY new pattern I put in the eBook. And, that’s ok. I know there will still be enough options for everyone to create some fabulous blankets, pillows, bags, table runners, scarves, and more!

Please show off your work! It is a great compliment to my ego and it really helps get my name out there when you share your photos in all the various crochet groups on facebook, etc.

Come join us in my Ravelry group, or my Facebook group! If you share on Instagram, tag me: @AshleesLint

Is there a special holiday design you’d like to see? What will you create? Will you use classic colors? I’m eager to hear from you!