A few weeks ago I noticed there were a lot of gnomes showing up in the crochet groups I am in on Facebook. I started drawing up a pattern but the angles weren’t working and then I got distracted with all those Holiday Squares.

UPDATE: 2022-10-03 I have now added an adjusted, solid overlay mosaic crochet pattern to this listing. For more details: https://ashleeslint.com/2022/10/03/gnomesflake-update/

And then the holidays were over. It is the new year! Are gnomes still good without anymore holidays looming?

The pattern was so close to finished. I could finish it or leave it for a few months. But if I wait until next winter maybe gnomes won’t be popular anymore?

I decided to ask my Facebook group what they thought.

Right away the responses started rolling in: it was a resounding, “yes! Finish the pattern! We love gnomes!”

So, today, I present to you, my finished gnome pattern: Gnomesflake.

Gnomesflake. Chart and written interlocking and overlay mosaic crochet pattern.

You can get it on Etsy and Ravelry.

And you will get an automatic 30% off (no code needed) until Jan 7, 2021!

The file, like all my patterns, has written instructions for interlocking crochet, a one-page chart (good for zooming in on screens), and the written instructions for overlay mosaic (as well as instructions on the envelope border).

I have received quite a few happy notes already and I am so glad you like this cute pattern!

I must now return to my crochet hook ?