I am not a fan of made up holidays… or deadlines. I fully intended on publishing this bundle of patterns by January 14 so that you would have a month before February 14 to get it done. It is already January 19, so I am behind schedule. Sorry, my bad.

The silly thing is that these patterns have been in my drafts list for a few months already! I just let too many other fun and exciting things get in the way of finishing the written instructions.

Plus, I don’t always have a crocheted picture to go with my patterns, and if I hadn’t insisted on crocheting this first then it definitely would have been published “on time”.

My little SWAK (Sealed With A Kiss) Blanket is only two panels by two panels. Each panel is a “40-window” square which works out to about 20″ when done with Worsted Weight yarn. You might want yours to be bigger if you use a lighter yarn or plan on doing some snuggling under it. Just make more panels!

P.S. thank you to my friend Kimberly Windsor-Johnson for helping me name it!

You can get the blanket instructions, including the patterns for the three different squares used, here on Ravelry or here on Etsy.

You can also grab the pattern for an individual square on Ravelry (Heart Lips) (Tiled Hearts) (Tiled Mirror) if you only want one for some reason.

The SWAK Blanket bundle represents a 25% savings versus buying the three squares individually.

And, for the first three days after publishing, you can get an even bigger savings! Get an additional 30% off! (Ravelry)(Etsy)

You may want to take note that behind the lips, the pattern is the same as “Tiled Hearts”.

I crocheted my blanket using the interlocking crochet technique. I am much quicker using this technique compared to overlay mosaic crochet.

And, for this bundle of patterns, I really think the interlocking technique brings something extra: reversible fabric!

The “wrong” side in interlocking crochet.

I drew the lips when I was creating my “Hello Sweetie” banner for my Dr Who series.

I was playing around with that file one night and decided it would be ok to use the lips for a valentine’s day project. I needed some hearts in the background but I didn’t want to use my “Many Hearts” pattern again.

So, I spun some hearts around and came up with what you see here.

And while I was crocheting “Heart Lips” I noticed that the back/ wrong side was creating a pretty neat design!

So, I went back to my computer and drew up a pattern for that too!

At first, I thought I would just flip some panels and have some showing the wrong side on the front of the blanket. But there’s this nice straight line on the front and I don’t like the way the back looks.

And, if you are using the mosaic crochet technique, the back of your squares will just be striped. This does look nice but if I hadn’t created the pattern for “Tiled Mirror” you wouldn’t be able to replicate my blanket.

And thus, the trio of squares was created! This extra square did take up some time, so I blame it for my “late release” too. ?

I can’t wait to see all the creative ways you will use these patterns! Some of my instagram followers have suggested pillows and wall hangings.

I hope you LOVE them as much as I do! Please share your projects on Facebook (either in my group: Ashlee’s Interlocking and Mosaic Crochet or in other Crochet groups). It really helps me get my name out there as a designer worth checking out when people share their beautiful projects with everyone!