5 Days 4 the Homeless – Fundraiser

Last week I heard about this campaign that is fundraising for homeless initiatives across the country. The Canadian Association of Business Students is striving to raise awareness and donations for members of society that are at risk of or currently experiencing homelessness. The campaign is called “5 Days For the Homeless” and they have partnered with a few universities across Canada.

Here in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan #YXE (where I currently live), the University of Saskatchewan has joined the team (my alma mater). Our local non-profit organization to benefit from this initiative is called EGADZ. EGADZ provides programs and services to children, youth, and their families.

I have responded to their call for help.

My finished SWAK Blanket is now up for auction! You can place a bid on the Instagram post here.

The blanket is crocheted using the interlocking crochet technique. It is about 35″ square. Easy care instructions: gentle cycle wash, lay flat to dry.

If you want to donate, or for more information you can use this link: https://cabsonline.ca/events/5days/saskatchewan/contact or email 5d4h.saskatoon@gmail.com

I am hopeful this will help raise awareness and funds. Can you share the Instagram post and help me get the word out?

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