Creating a series for the alphabet has been on my list since pretty much the beginning. In my mind it was going to be something like a cross stitch sampler, where you could spell out anything you wanted.

This set of “Sophisticated” letters isn’t really like a sampler at all. They are each individual patterns. And they are large!

The chart for each letter is 81 x 81, which works up to about 20″ /50cm with worsted weight yarn.

They are designed to be afghan panels. You can join them with my other large squares and create a personalized blanket! They would also work well as pillows or wall hangings.

BONUS: The set now includes a “Sophisticated Ampersand

One of the reasons I decided to go with 26 individual letters instead of a sampler was because the ability to use a sampler requires you to work from the charts.

I have learned over the past few months that there’s a large majority of people who can’t follow the charts. Even after watching my super handy lessons on YouTube!

Tutorial on Using my Mosaic Crochet Charts
Tutorial on Crocheting the Interlocking Technique from the Chart

So, if people need the instructions written out it is pretty hard to create something that they can customize. I have small squares in the works (individual capital letters, chart size 41 x 41, easy to mix and match with these medium-sized squares). But they are also not quite a sampler, they are still individual squares.

Someday I will work on a sampler alphabet for all you chart readers. And then you can customize words for your projects.

You can get the entire “Sophisticated Alphabet” set on Etsy or Ravelry. The bundle represents a 65-70% discount versus buying each square individually!

You can, of course, also buy the letters individually on Ravelry. They will be 30% off until February 18, 2021 (11:59 pm CST).

I had some fun in my Facebook group asking ‘which letter of the alphabet is your favorite?’ It seems most people prefer the first letter of their first name. The first letter of their last name is a close second place. And the first letter of their children’s names was a top contender as well!