When I was drawing up my “Sophisticated Alphabet“, I also fooled around with some smaller squares. I decided I liked the bigger squares better and published them, but then decided that these smaller squares weren’t so horrible and should be published too.

Thus, the “Monogrammed Alphabet“! 26 letters of the alphabet, an ampersand, and some cute little hearts and stars!

I am now feeling like 52+ new listings on Ravelry in the last 2 weeks is just too much! (Each letter gets their own listing, plus the ebooks, plus the bonus squares! Yikes! hahaha) The alphabet is BORING! I can’t wait to draw something a bit more fun. But I am glad this set is done now.

This “Monogrammed Alphabet” is also available in a one-piece blanket: “Monogrammed Alphabet Sampler Blanket” (chart 205 x 245) <on Etsy too!>

Update Feb 11: one-piece blanket is available on Ravelry in the eBook only. Still on Etsy as well.

Update 10 am Feb 10: ravelry has rejected the one-piece blanket as being a duplicate. I am working on getting it back up. It is available on etsy and it is still in the ebook for now. Will update as I know more.

The chart for each letter is 41 x 41, which works up to about 10″ /25cm with worsted weight yarn.

They are designed to be afghan panels. You can join them with other squares of the same size and create a personalized blanket!

You can get the entire “Monogrammed Alphabet” set on Etsy or Ravelry. The bundle represents an 80% discount versus buying each square individually!

You can, of course, also buy the letters individually on Ravelry. They will be 30% off until February 18, 2021 (11:59 pm CST).

The ampersand is not found in the blanket pattern but I thought you all would really like to use it with the single letters!

The Heart and Star motif include a mirrored pattern as well, because I flipped them in the blanket and figured you might like that too.