This pattern has been a long time coming. I like birds as decoration (not real birds, though!) and I started drawing this pattern months ago. If you’d rather not ready my babble you can get to the Ravelry listing here.

I kept changing it because I wasn’t happy with the way it looked. I finally decided I was happy with it and then started crocheting it.

But I, of course, was using yarn from my stash and ran out. I knew I didn’t have enough yarn, but I thought if I put the envelope border on just the ends instead of all the way around it would work out. It didn’t. That put the project on hold for a few weeks.

Then I remembered that there are people who are willing to be pattern testers and they can crochet this instead! So, I contacted two people from my list.

Crocheted by Divya Tellakula using the interlocking crochet technique

But, then, the magic of moving meant I found a bag of yarn I didn’t know I had! And in there I found 5 or 6 more skeins of this ancient, vintage yarn!

There’s actually still more in the bag but it is a bit of a tangled mess right now.

But, we were about to be moving AGAIN so I didn’t have time to take any pictures. Plus, this pattern looks small but there are a lot of stitches and I needed to give my testers time to finish.

But, last night I decided it has waited long enough! This birdie needs to be released! Of course, the final challenge has been to use my old computer. I finally bought a new one (hubby has been suggesting that since I started designing) and now it is taking awhile to get things set up and useable.

My mosaic crochet placemat. Might never get a match lol

I am publishing it on Ravelry only. Past experience has not shown Etsy to be very fruitful for the smaller patterns. That being said, if you are an Etsy-only user and want this pattern, please contact me and I will make it happen!

You’ll get 30% off until March 19, 2021, no code needed!