I don’t really have a master plan on creating all these gnomes. I have a few ideas written down for each month and then when it’s time for me to sit down and draw I let the art guide me.

For June, I tried drawing a kite. I tried doing a bee theme. I had flowers written down but I used flowers last month. I tried swimming. The water led me to a fish. The fish didn’t work either. But it led me to this fishing scene.

Big thanks to CarolinevdB for crocheting this pretty sample ?

Do you think the Gnomes change costumes each month or is he permanently wearing a fishing hook on his hat? Is his identity “fishing” or is it just his current activity?

While we ponder these deep questions, grab your copy of the pattern!

I have been asked before, so I will tell you: I prefer you to buy on Ravelry. The fees are better for me. And the ability to update the eBook for everyone all at once is better too. But I use Etsy as well because I want everyone to have access. Use what’s best for you.

If you’ve previously bought a pattern (any of my patterns) on Etsy and would like me to add it to your Ravelry account please send me a message! You can email me, use the contact me page on my website here, and me a message on Ravelry or Facebook or through Etsy. So many options! I try to check everything regularly.

The eBook, “A Year of Gnomes” is half-finished now. I will also be adding a bonus all-in-one pattern once all the Gnomes are drawn and published. It will follow the same format as all my patterns: line-by-line instructions for interlocking crochet, a chart, and then the line-by-line instructions for overlay mosaic crochet. It will have all the gnomes in monthly order starting at the top right corner.

If I wanted to crochet all the Gnomes into a blanket, especially when using the mosaic technique, I would prefer an all-in-one pattern. Keeps those tails to a minimum when doing mosaic crochet. However, it is easier to change colors for each square by doing them one by one. And, if I was doing them one at a time I’d probably use the interlocking method because I find it easier to join the squares.

Here’s our master list of Gnomes so far: