Blog Hop – June 2021

National Zoo & Aquarium Day Blog Hop hosted by My Fingers Fly.

You can ignore this post if you’re not interested in free crochet patterns. wink

One thing I have enjoyed about being a crochet designer this year is “meeting” (online) other designers. A year ago I probably could have named one or two designers, and I honestly barely considered the fact that a real human-person was creating the patterns found online.

I mostly made up my own stuff as needed or, on the rare occasion that I wanted to make something specific I would search the web for a free pattern.

Limited Time FREE Blog Hop

Today, I want to introduce you to a whole bunch of designers! My Fingers Fly has just started a blog-hop of FREE animal patterns!

This is the first day of a MONTH of free patterns! Each day she will be showcasing up to 8 patterns (over 80 patterns for the month)! Some of the patterns are always free, some are only free for a limited time on their special day.

Ashlee’s Unicorn

I’ll be contributing to this on the 13th.