I am happy to be part of a flower-themed blog-hop this month! Jo’s Crafty Hook has been sharing a FREE crochet pattern everyday and today one of my patterns is in the lineup!

This square can be used as a panel in a blanket, the front of a pillow form, a wall hanging, or just a baby blanket by itself! Normally it is a paid pattern, but today, for the flower blog hop, you can download it for FREE!

The pink graphic above links you directly to your ravelry cart where the free pattern is ready for you (using code: “CraftyHook“, valid until June 7, 2021).

I originally published this square, Rose in Bloom, in August 2020. But, back then I didn’t create a blog post for every new pattern. I have it listed in my Doctor Who Series because it repesents Rose, the character, for me. ?

All of my patterns include written line-by-line instructions for the interlocking technique and the overlay mosaic technique, as well as a chart (81 x 81 for Rose in Bloom).

I crocheted my sample in the photo using the overlay mosaic technique. I have a pdf tutorial and a YouTube tutorial on this technique.

I used a 5 mm hook instead of my usual 4.5 mm hook because I was hoping it would be large enough to be a baby blanket all by itself. With a 4.5 mm hook my square is 20″ but with the 5 mm hook it came out 22″. I used an envelope border to cover the tails that are created with the mosaic technique and my final piece was 26″.

Usually I join my squares of this size to other squares of this size and create a blanket that way.

I prefer to use the interlocking crochet method when I plan on joining squares.

Find more of my large afghan squares here: ashleeslint.com/patterns#large