Update on July 6, 2021: I have created a one-piece blanket! https://ashleeslint.com/2021/07/06/hobby-stencil-blanket/

I did my first YouTube LIVE this morning! It was very fun and I feel a little bit famous now – you can watch it here: https://youtu.be/qaH8xu_s-L4

I did mention in that video that I was hoping to publish this pattern today – and here it is!

When I started designing I only created patterns for interlocking crochet. I was told that my charts would work for overlay mosaic crochet as well, so since it didn’t require me to change anything I added those instructions to all my patterns as well.

But, even though you CAN do both techniques for all my patterns, sometimes one technique just works better than the other.

For example, my Eiffel Tower pattern has horizontal stripes through the whole thing. This is very easy when doing the mosaic technique but it is a bit annoying when doing it in interlocking crochet.

My squares, of all sizes, do seem easier to do in interlocking because there are no tails to worry about. You can add an envelope border to your mosaic pieces but it is an extra step that I don’t really like doing because I want to move on to the next big thing. And, for this new pattern an envelope border might detract from the design a little.

This “Hobby Stencil” square was designed to be added to more squares to create a bigger design. It is small enough to work on in the summer heat (as opposed to a blanket which can get too warm).

You can also join it to other squares if you’re not concerned about breaking up the flow of the pattern.

Where To Get the Pattern

I sell my patterns on Etsy and Ravelry. Not all of them are on Etsy, but this one is!

You can get 10% off your cart with a minimum purchase of $10 CAD until June 30, 2021. Use code “HOBBY” (valid for Etsy and Ravelry).

I haven’t joined these squares together yet but this is the way I am going to arrange them

June 24, 2021 Update: I just sent an email that included an announcement about this pattern: https://mailchi.mp/8202b396674b/youtube-live-and-new-pattern