Most of my patterns are written up for BOTH interlocking crochet AND overlay mosaic crochet.

When I decided to join the Friends Around the World 6th Anniversary CAL (FATW6): Adventures in Mosaic Crochet I first designed this cool sunglasses piece.

I made my Mosaic Sunglasses Strip for both techniques because it was possible. And I liked how the “dots” in the solid parts of the sunglasses allowed the contrasting color to show through.

I later also designed the Mosaic Coral Strip. I first tried to make it work for both techniques but it wasn’t as nice as I wanted it. You can get more detail with the mosaic technique because you don’t have to take into account the chain gaps that automatically get created when you do Locked Filet Mesh.

I have made the Sunglasses available for both techniques – either download them on Ravelry or view the mosaic version on my blog and grab the LFM PDF in my Facebook group.

When you do this piece in interlocking crochet you can change colors like the mosaic version if you want but I prefer one color. One of the biggest draws to this technique for me is the lack of tails and ends to weave in so I don’t often do color changes.

I have written it as a stand-alone rectangle but you could repeat it in a strip like the mosaic version was meant to do.

I think it would go well with the boom box section from my MusicCAL!

What do you think?