Summer Direction Crochet-A-Long

Interlocking Crochet Version

Interlocking & Mosaic

Summer Direction can be made using one of two colorwork techniques: interlocking crochet or overlay mosaic crochet.

This is the landing page for the interlocking crochet version.

Free or Paid

Each section of Summer Direction was published separately on my website for free. A new YouTube walk-thru for that section of the pattern was published at the same time.

Scroll down to find the schedule of release.

If you’re looking for the full written pattern or the charts, they’re included in the paid PDF version of Summer Direction. I appreciate all the support!

Original Blog Entry

This Summer Direction CAL is my 5th Crochet-A-Long (CAL) since I started designing just over a year ago.

My first CAL was some large flower squares for Mother’s Day 2020. Then I did a Father’s Day CAL of scarves that joined together to create a blanket. My third CAL was the Abstract Queen; it was the first one to be available with written instructions for both interlocking and overlay mosaic crochet (before that, the other CALs were just interlocking crochet, but they have been updated since then to include both techniques). A few months ago we did the MusicCAL (which had an easier and smaller repeat section compared to the Abstract Queen CAL). I also contributed to the Friends Around the World 6th Anniversary CAL, but since I didn’t host that one I don’t consider it one of “MY” Crochet-A-Longs.

You can find the links for all my Crochet-A-Longs (CALs) in one place here:

All of the images below (showing each of my previous CALs) use the interlocking crochet technique. Overlay Mosaic Crochet will produce the same images but you will have to deal with the tails on the sides from cutting and joining your yarn each row.

Mother’s Day CAL 2020 crocheted by Erie Krol / zus.

2020 Father’s Day CAL crocheted by Claudia.

Abstract Queen CAL crocheted by Emily Harmon.

My MusicCAL runner.

Summer Direction CAL

My newest CAL, the Summer Direction CAL, like all of my patterns now, is written up for two different techniques: interlocking crochet and overlay mosaic crochet. This CAL has video walk-thrus for both techniques! That’s the big new thing about this pattern. I have also been updating all of my patterns to include charts marked with X’s for mosaic crochet – so this pattern includes those X’s.

You are viewing the landing page for the INTERLOCKING CROCHET version of the Summer Direction CAL. You may also wish to go to the overlay mosaic crochet landing page. I also pre-released the yardage charts, but those charts are also in this post.

I created a video walk-thru for each section in this Summer Direction CAL! I began in the winter and I figured I would definitely be ready by summer. I know it is nearing the end of August now but IT IS STILL SUMMER! I insist on not living for pumpkin spice yet! Slow down, people!

The written instructions can be found FREE here online (one section released at a time) or you can purchase a nice PDF of the entire pattern (including a plain chart for interlocking and a chart marked with X’s for mosaic as well as links to each YouTube walk-thru for every section) on Etsy or Ravelry.

Offer expired. Get 50% off when you use code, “SUMMER2021” (offer ends 11:59 pm, CST, September 30, 2021; valid on Etsy and Ravelry on the pattern “Summer Direction CAL” only).

Summer Direction CAL Schedule

This is where you can find the links to each section. This is our interlocking crochet landing page so all of these links go directly to that technique for each section. Try overlay mosaic crochet here.

Each section has a free written option on my website along with a free YouTube video.

If you’re looking for the charts, they’re included in the paid PDF version of Summer Direction. I appreciate all the support!

Interlocking Crochet Tutorials

Before we get started, brush up on your technique! If you’re new to interlocking crochet, you may want to check out my tutorials first. I call this technique “Locked Filet Mesh” as well as “Interlocking” – they mean the same thing. You’ll find other designers call it all sorts of things (Interdimensional CrochetWacky Weave Crochet, etc).

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Section 1 – Foundation Rows

The first section is very short.

It is aptly called, “Foundation Rows” and we will decide how wide our project is going to be and how much yarn we will need.

The YouTube video does not include information on yardage so please see the Key portion for that!

Section 2 – Chevron A (WS)

This chevron goes down and then up.

It is important when doing a project in interlocking crochet that you pay attention to the wrong side and right side. This section continues from where we left off, and thus we are first looking at the wrong side (WS).

Section 3 – Chevron A (RS)

Like mentioned earlier, it is important when doing a project in interlocking crochet that you pay attention to the wrong side and right side.

This section begins when looking at the right side (RS).

Section 4 – Dark Arrows

These arrows are solid.

This section begins when looking at the Wrong Side (WS) but since my design does not use it again I HAVE NOT created a duplicate section beginning with the Right Side (RS).

There is a section later on that looks almost the same – however it is actually a reversed or mirrored image.

Section 5 – Chevron A (WS)

If you’ve been following the pattern as written, we are now at row 49. However, this section is identical to rows 5-14.

Both the video and the written pattern will begin with row 5 and go through row 14.

You may wish to use a stitch marker to mark row 49 so that you remember it counts as the beginning of this section.

Section 6 – Chevron B (RS)

This chevron differs from Chevron “A” because it goes up and then down instead of down and then up.

This section begins with us looking at the Right Side (RS).

Section 7 – Light Arrows

These arrows are hollow, just the outline is drawn.

Also, this is our halfway point!

Section 8 – Chevron A (RS)

This section is identical to an earlier section so the written portion and the YouTube video shows rows 15-24 while we are actually crocheting rows 95-104.

Section 9 – Chevron B (WS)

This is the first time we have crocheted the “B” chevron starting with the Wrong Side (WS) facing us so there is a NEW YouTube video for you to watch!

Section 10 – Dark Arrows Reversed

These look very similar to those dark arrows at the beginning of our project but their direction is actually reversed.

The arrow on the top is now pointing to the left instead of the right. So perhaps a mirror-image is a better way to think of it.

Either way, there’s a NEW YouTube video to accompany this section.

Section 11 – Chevron B (WS)

You might be a pro at this interlocking crochet stuff by now!

If you still need to reference the video please rewatch the section that covers rows 105-116.

The written portion also says rows 105-116 but if you’ve been diligently following the pattern your project will be at row 141-150.

Section 12 – Chevron B (RS)

We’ve done this chevron before, so you know what to do: follow the YouTube video for rows 59-70 or follow with the written pattern (remember, we are at rows 151-160 even though the section you are following will say rows 59-70).

Section 13 – Final Border Lines

This is barely a “section”. We are just finishing off the pattern.

Interlocking Crochet Pattern for Summer Direction CAL

Let’s get started, shall we?

Remember, the written instructions can be found FREE here online or you can purchase a nice PDF of the entire pattern (including the X-marked chart) on Etsy or Ravelry. Get 50% off when you use code, “SUMMER2021” (offer ends 11:59 pm, CST, September 30, 2021).

What Size?

To create a full-sized blanket, do 9 repeats for the width. You repeat the stitches between the stars as many times as you want. Each repeat will add about 4.5” in width.

When repeating the pattern 9 times your foundation rows will have 84 MC windows or chain 172, skip the turning chain and single crochet 171 back. Foundation row step 2, using AC: chain 170, then continue as described.

Take note that when using the interlocking crochet technique your stitches do not always create an opposite image on the reverse side. Due to starting on the right side or the wrong side you have different instructions to create the same image.

Yarn weight and hook size can easily be adjusted, just keep in mind your finished project will use a different amount of yarn and be a different finished size. A gauge swatch can help with that.


Each line has instructions between stars, like this: Ch3 in back, 1F, *2F, 1B, 1F, 1B, 4F*, EB

If you are doing 2 repeats you will crochet: Ch3 in back, 1F, 2F, 1B, 1F, 1B, 4F, 2F, 1B, 1F, 1B, 4F, EB

If you repeat 3 times: Ch3 in back, 1F, 2F, 1B, 1F, 1B, 4F, 2F, 1B, 1F, 1B, 4F, 2F, 1B, 1F, 1B, 4F, EB

To figure out how many stitches you begin with:

I’ve done an example for 3 and 9 repeats wide but you can choose any number of repeats!

LFM Foundation Scarf (single width) (3 repeats) Blanket (9 repeats)
Finished Size (41” height includes all the sections of the original designs) 6.5” x 41” 14” x 41” 42” x 41”
MC Windows to start (repeats x 9) + 3 = windows   9 + 3 = 12 windows (3 x 9) + 3 = 30 windows (9 x 9) + 3 = 84 windows
Or MC Chains to start (windows x 2) + 4 = MC Chains   (12 x 2) + 4 = 26 chains (30 x 2) + 4 = 64 chains (84 x 2) + 4 = 172 chains
AC Chains to start (repeats x 18) + 8 = AC Chains 18 + 8 = 26 chains (3 x 18) + 8 = 62 chains (9 x 18) + 8 = 170 chains

Yardage Estimates (worsted weight, gauge 16 DC x 8 rows of one color = 4”)

LFM Yardage Scarf (single width) (3 repeats) Blanket (9 repeats)
Yardage per color = base + repeats 40 + (105) = 145 40 + (105 x 3) = 355 40 + (105 x 9) = 985
Optional SC Border = base + repeats 20 + (3) = 23 20 + (3 x 3) = 29 20 + (3 x 9) = 47
Total Yards = first row x 2 (for MC and AC), plus optional border 145 x 2 = 290 + 23 = 313 355 x 2 = 710 + 29 = 739 985 x 2 = 1970 + 47 = 2017


Important Details for “Summer Direction CAL

These details will help you decide how much yarn you’ll need now that you’ve decided upon what size of a project you want.

Interlocking Crochet Details for Summer Direction CAL

  • US terminology
  • Full blanket chart 169 x 165
  • Repeatable chart is 18 squares wide (plus 7 non-repeatable border lines) x full chart height of 165 squares tall
  • 4.5 mm hook (US7)
  • Gauge 8 (dc, ch) x 16 rows = 4″
  • Full blanket measures 42″ x 41″
  • Worsted weight yarn (1970 – 2020 yards needed for full blanket)
    • Main Color – 985 yards
    • Contrasting Color – 985 yards
    • Plus optional envelope border – 50 yards


I have my key posted on another page.

Please jump to

Interlocking Crochet Technique

For more tutorials see

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All rights reserved. This publication is protected under federal copyright laws. Reproduction or distribution, in whole or in part, in any medium, is strictly prohibited.

What does this mean?
This is an original pattern by Ashlee Brotzell. You may not copy, reproduce, sell, or share any part of it whether for profit or not. This includes, but is not limited to, the written pattern, the chart, and the photos. No translations or video tutorials are allowed.

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Summer Direction CAL: Interlocking Crochet Foundation Row

If you’re ready to start crocheting, here’s the place you want to begin: the foundation row.

Foundation Rows

(see chart above for help with counting)

  1. Using MC create repeats of 9 + 3 windows:
    1. I prefer the chainless technique (chain 6, dc into first stitch, chain 1, tr into same space, *chain 1, tr into 2nd part of the previous tr* repeat as many times as needed).
    2. Alternatively, you can Ch repeats of 18 + 10 (or 11 if you chain tighter than me), then DC in 6th (or 7th) chain from your hook. *Ch 1, Sk 1, DC* repeat until the end. Place stitch marker so your work doesn’t unravel.
  2. With your AC, Ch repeats of 18 + 8 (or 9 if you chain tighter). Lay MC windows below this chain (make sure the end with the stitch marker is at your left) then pull the tail of your AC through the window on the right end (see picture above). DC through the back of the next window into the 6th (or 7th) chain from your hook.
  3. *Ch 1, Sk 1, DC through the back* repeat to end. Place stitch marker so your work doesn’t unravel. Both stitch markers should be on the same end.

WS – ACB (wrong side facing you, AC to back)

4 MC – Ch3, 1B, *9F*, 1B, ES

Thus concludes our foundation rows! I know, I know, that wasn’t many rows. But, this is the tricky and sometimes frustrating part of interlocking crochet projects.

The foundation rows are boring, involve a lot of long counting, can get a bit twisted, and don’t look very exciting when you’re done. But this is a very important part of our project so it must be done!

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