A few days ago we started my Summer Direction Crochet-A-Long (CAL). You can see a list of all my CALs here: www.AshleesLint.com/CALs

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All of my patterns are written up for two techniques: interlocking crochet and overlay mosaic crochet. I also call interlocking crochet “Locked Filet Mesh” or “LFM” for short. When I first started designing I was concerned about the term “interlocking crochet” being trademarked or copyrighted so I came up with a different term to describe the two layers of mesh that get locked together. But there is no copyright to worry about anymore so I prefer to use “interlocking crochet” now.

So far all we have done in this CAL is the foundation rows. You had to decide how wide to make your project and which technique to use. Now we are going to do the first section, Chevron A. If you’ve seen my pretty blanket you’ll notice there are two rows of wavy chevron at the bottom. For the mosaic technique you will simply repeat this section twice. For interlocking crochet you will have to follow Chevron A (WS) and then Chevron A (RS).

If you need a reminder of the key and other important information please see the landing page for the technique you’re using!

Chevron A: Overlay Mosaic Technique

To recap, this is a continuation from the foundation rows. Remember, even-numbered rows use Main Color (MC); odd-numbered rows use Contrasting Color (CC). You can read the pattern KEY if you need a refresher on how to do the overlay mosaic technique. Or you can watch one of my tutorials on the technique.

After the foundation rows we do “Chevron A” two times.

I have created a YouTube video that shows you a complete walk-thru of this section! Or, scroll down for the written instructions.

Mosaic Crochet: Chevron A

5 – JS, sc1, dc1, sc2, *sc7, dc1, sc3, dc1, sc6*, sc1, dc1, sc1, ES

6 – JS, (dc1, sc1) x2, *sc8, dc1, sc1, dc1, sc7*, dc1, sc1, dc1, ES

7 – JS, sc1, dc1, sc2, *sc5, (dc1, sc3) x2, dc1, sc4*, sc1, dc1, sc1, ES

8 – JS, (dc1, sc1) x2, *sc6, (dc1, sc5) x2*, dc1, sc1, dc1, ES

9 – JS, sc1, dc1, sc2, *(sc3, dc1) x4, sc2*, sc1, dc1, sc1, ES

10 – JS, (dc1, sc1) x2, *sc4, dc1, sc9, dc1, sc3*, dc1, sc1, dc1, ES

11 – JS, (sc1, dc1) x2, *sc1, dc1, sc3, dc1, sc7, dc1, sc3, dc1*, sc1, dc1, sc1, ES

12 – JS, (dc1, sc1) x2, *sc2, dc1, sc13, dc1, sc1*, dc1, sc1, dc1, ES

13 – JS, sc1, dc1, sc2, *sc3, dc1, sc11, dc1, sc2*, sc1, dc1, sc1, ES

14 – JS, (dc1, sc1) x2, *sc18*, dc1, sc1, dc1, ES

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Interlocking Crochet: Chevron A

As mentioned above, we will be creating this chevron section twice. When we use the interlocking technique we turn our work at the end of each row and that means sometimes we are looking at the Wrong Side (WS) and sometimes we are looking at the (RS). After the foundation rows you will need to follow the Chevron A (WS) pattern. Then, to repeat the image, you’ll need to use the Chevron A (RS) pattern.

Go back to the landing page for a review of important information and the KEY or check out my tutorials on the interlocking / Locked Filet Mesh / LFM technique if the pattern below is too unfamiliar.

You can tell which side you are looking at because those bottom foundation rows will be straight horizontal lines. If you’re looking at a bunch of vertical dashes then you’re looking at the wrong side.

Chevron A (WS)

Here’s the walk-thru for the first section of our Summer Direction CAL, or scroll down for the written portion.

LFM Chevron A (WS) written portion:

5 AC – Ch3 in back, 1F, *2F, 1B, 1F, 1B, 4F*, EB

RS – ACF (right side facing you, AC to front)

6 MC – Ch3, 1F, *4B, 2F, 3B*, 1F, ES

7 AC – Ch3 in front, *3B, (1F, 1B) x3*, 1B, EF


8 MC – Ch3, 1B, *(2F, 1B) x2, 3F*, 1B, ES

9 AC – Ch3 in back, 1F, *(1B, 1F) x3, 1B, 2F*, EB


10 MC – Ch3, 1F, *2B, 1F, 4B, 1F, 1B*, 1F, ES

11 AC – Ch3 in front, *2F, 1B, 1F, 3B, 1F, 1B*, 1F, EF


12 MC – Ch3, 1B, *1B, 6F, 1B, 1F*, 1B, ES

13 AC – Ch3 in back, 1F, *1B, 5F, 1B, 2F*, EB


14 MC – Ch3, 1F, *9B*, 1F, ES

Chevron A (RS)

When you’re ready to begin the next section you will notice that although we are creating the same image on the blanket we are actually doing the stitches in a different order to get that result. We are starting at the Right Side (RS) this time. Remember, you can tell which side you are looking at by looking at the foundation rows: straight horizontal lines is the front (the right side) and dashed vertical lines is the back of your blanket/scarf/etc.

Here’s the video first again, and the written portion is below.

LFM Chevron A (RS) written portion:

15 AC – Ch3 in front, *4B, 1F, 1B, 1F, 2B*, 1B, EF


16 MC – Ch3, 1B, *3F, 2B, 4F*, 1B, ES

17 AC – Ch3 in back, 1F, *(1F, 1B) x3, 3F*, EB


18 MC – Ch3, 1F, *3B, (1F, 2B) x2*, 1F, ES

19 AC – Ch3 in front, *2B, (1F, 1B) x3, 1F*, 1B, EF


20 MC – Ch3, 1B, *1F, 1B, 4F, 1B, 2F*, 1B, ES

21 AC – Ch3 in back, 1B, *1F, 1B, 3F, 1B, 1F, 2B*, EB


22 MC – Ch3, 1F, *1B, 1F, 6B, 1F*, 1F, ES

23 AC – Ch3 in front, *2B, 1F, 5B, 1F*, 1B, EF


24 MC – Ch3, 1B, *9F*, 1B, ES

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