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All of my patterns are written up for two techniques: interlocking crochet and overlay mosaic crochet. You may wish to navigate to each section of this pattern from the main landing page instead (it has each section all in one list, and also has important information like the key and a refresher on how to crochet each technique).

This post has the written instructions for Chevron B for the mosaic technique and then Chevron B for the interlocking section. Because you have to turn your work when you do Locked Filet Mesh (another term for interlocking crochet) you will have two sections for Chevron B, just like Chevron A: Right Side and Wrong Side. If this is your first time to this section you will be doing the RS. We won’t be using the WS part until after another section of arrows.

The difference between Chevron A and B is a matter of direction

Chevron B: Overlay Mosaic Technique

Chevron B is the same thing as Chevron A except it has been flipped upside down.

I have created a YouTube video that shows you a complete walk-thru of this section! Or, scroll down for the written instructions.

Mosaic Crochet: Chevron B

59 – JS, sc1, dc1, sc2, *sc18*, sc1, dc1, sc1, ES

60 – JS, (dc1, sc1) x2, *sc18*, dc1, sc1, dc1, ES

61 – JS, sc1, dc1, sc2, *sc3, dc1, sc11, dc1, sc2*, sc1, dc1, sc1, ES

62 – JS, (dc1, sc1) x2, *sc2, dc1, sc13, dc1, sc1*, dc1, sc1, dc1, ES

63 – JS, (sc1, dc1) x2, *sc1, dc1, sc3, dc1, sc7, dc1, sc3, dc1*, sc1, dc1, sc1, ES

64 – JS, (dc1, sc1) x2, *sc4, dc1, sc9, dc1, sc3*, dc1, sc1, dc1, ES

65 – JS, sc1, dc1, sc2, *(sc3, dc1) x4, sc2*, sc1, dc1, sc1, ES

66 – JS, (dc1, sc1) x2, *sc6, (dc1, sc5) x2*, dc1, sc1, dc1, ES

67 – JS, sc1, dc1, sc2, *sc5, (dc1, sc3) x2, dc1, sc4*, sc1, dc1, sc1, ES

68 – JS, (dc1, sc1) x2, *sc8, dc1, sc1, dc1, sc7*, dc1, sc1, dc1, ES

69 – JS, sc1, dc1, sc2, *sc7, dc1, sc3, dc1, sc6*, sc1, dc1, sc1, ES

70 – JS, (dc1, sc1) x2, *sc18*, dc1, sc1, dc1, ES

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Interlocking Crochet: Chevron B

Just like with Chevron A, this section has two videos and two different written sections to achieve one image. The Chevron will be visible on the right side of our work but our instructions will either start with us looking at the right side (RS) or the wrong side (WS). If this is the first time you’re seeing Chevron B you will be using the RS pattern.

You can tell which side you are looking at because those bottom foundation rows will be straight horizontal lines. If you’re looking at a bunch of vertical dashes then you’re looking at the wrong side.

Chevron B (RS)

Here’s the video for the first time we meet Chevron B, or keep scrolling down for the written portion.

LFM Chevron B (RS) written portion:

59 AC – Ch3 in front, *9B*, 1B, EF


60 MC – Ch3, 1B, *9F*, 1B, ES

61 AC – Ch3 in back, 1F, *1B, 5F, 1B, 2F*, EB


62 MC – Ch3, 1F, *1B, 1F, 6B, 1F*, 1F, ES

63 AC – Ch3 in front, *2F, 1B, 1F, 3B, 1F, 1B*, 1F, EF


64 MC – Ch3, 1B, *1F, 1B, 4F, 1B, 2F*, 1B, ES

65 AC – Ch3 in back, 1F, *(1B, 1F) x3, 1B, 2F*, EB


66 MC – Ch3, 1F, *3B, (1F, 2B) x2*, 1F, ES

67 AC – Ch3 in front, *3B, (1F, 1B) x3*, 1B, EF


68 MC – Ch3, 1B, *3F, 2B, 4F*, 1B, ES

69 AC – Ch3 in back, 1F, *2F, 1B, 1F, 1B, 4F*, EB


70 MC – Ch3, 1F, *9B*, 1F, ES

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