Today is my birthday! My kids got me three giant balls of soft jumbo blanket yarn. It was not a surprise, hahaha, because dad didn’t hide it well! I have a ball of neon green, and two balls of neon pink. Now, what to make with it?

Of course, since I am a mom, I made the cake myself (Remi helped me with the sprinkles), I didn’t get photos of any of the festivities, and I am left with the clean up. ?

I remember in high school some kids would take the day off when it was their birthday. Their birthday was the most important event of the year for them. No way were they working their part time job after school on that day. “Me-time” to the max!

For me it has usually just been another day. I feel uncomfortable when everyone stares at me and expects me to blow out the candles. I get nervous that I won’t have the appropriate surprise-and-thank-you reaction. I like the kids’ birthdays better. That’s fun for me.

This year I tried to enjoy the moments but I need to sneak in a little bit of “work” now. My crochet stuff is sort of work, sort of hobby, sort of my favorite thing but also has random deadlines and can sometimes be stressful. So, it is “work” now.

The next two sections in my Summer Direction CAL don’t require much from me (I did all the real work earlier) so I am posting this even though it is my birthday and then I will go crochet some more! We need to replicate the opposite of the chevrons that were at the beginning of the project, so we are doing Chevron B twice. If you’re doing overlay mosaic crochet then you simply repeat the section. If you are using the interlocking crochet technique (what I call Locked Filet Mesh / LFM) then you need to first do Chevron B starting with the Wrong Side (WS) and then do Chevron B starting with the Right Side (RS).

After this we only have the final border lines and the finishing touch: an envelope border on the mosaic piece or a simple single crochet border on the interlocking. That section will be published in only a couple days – I am determined to finish this Summer Direction Crochet-A-Long before Summer ends (the fall equinox is on September 21 I think).

If you’d rather not wait for all the free releases (or you’re desperate for the charts), you can grab a FULL copy of the pattern and charts on Etsy or Ravelry. Get 50% off your purchase of “Summer Direction CAL” on Etsy and Ravelry until September 30, 2021 by using code “SUMMER2021”!

In case you were skimming through all of that, scroll back up and do Chevron B for mosaic for section 11 and 12. And do Chevron B (WS) for section 11 of the LFM and Chevron B (RS) for section 12!

By the way, I have been enjoying all the birthday love in my Facebook group, thanks everyone!