Before I jump into the details on my newest pattern (which is really a remake of an old pattern), let me tell you that I am having a FALL SALE on everything in my Ravelry Store and Etsy Shop until the end of September! Get 25% off, no Codes needed! Offer expired.

Many moons ago (that’s a funny saying, isn’t it?) I came out with an eBook called “Hearts, Hearts, Hearts” and I put an assortment of squares of different sizes and designs in it. The largest pattern in the eBook was my “Many Hearts Throw“.

Anonymous crocheted this sweet blue and white version of the large throw blanket.

By request, I have now created a baby-blanket-size version of this throw. The original throw is 70″ square and the new baby blanket is 38″ square. You can see that the corners are the same but the repeated hearts section inside is smaller.

I used the interlocking crochet technique for my sample because I like the way the back looks (mosaic crochet produces stripes on the wrong side but interlocking crochet shows these hearts pointing the other direction). This lavender purple is being used as my main color (MC) in the pattern. Most of my patterns use the darker color as the first color used, or the Main Color in the pattern.

I also made a super fun little video clip because Etsy tells me people like to see videos and Instagram’s algorithms are really pushing for us to use videos instead of photos, so here’s my attempt at fitting in. It was actually an accident that I started recording a video. I meant to press the button to capture a photo and somehow I bumped the thing that changed it to a video instead and that’s when I remembered that I need to try using videos anyway. This is not the kind of video I consider to be award-winning. It’s just to meet algorithm madness and try to get better organic reach. I don’t pay for ads or subscribers, I prefer to keep my followers as a list of people who actually want to see my stuff.

Video of a blanket hanging on a fence near a tree

I spent a lot of time debating internally whether this pattern deserved its own Ravelry listing or if it should just be added to the Many Hearts Throw as a size difference. I ultimately decided that since the various sizes of “Many Hearts” all have their own listings then this blanket can have its own as well.

I have turned on a permanent promotion that allows you to get this baby blanket free if you’ve purchased the larger throw blanket on Ravelry. And, of course, I have added it as a late addition to the “Hearts, Hearts, Hearts” eBook so if you already have that eBook then you will now have this new baby blanket as well. I didn’t have all of these patterns listed on Etsy previously so that’s a new thing here too.

This eBook has also *finally* been updated to include the x-marked charts for mosaic crochet. There are 15 patterns in this set and while I’ve been busy updating all my patterns I did leave the “hard” tasks for last. The eBooks just feel like so much more work than the individual patterns. I still need to update the Alphabet eBooks and the Holiday eBook.

I hope to create a YouTube tutorial on using these charts marked with X’s, but for now I only have written instructions.

Also, a side note: the smallest square, “Tutorial Hearts“, is the one I used in my videos to teach the interlocking crochet method (Locked Filet Mesh / LFM) and overlay mosaic crochet method.

I also made this neat photo signature business card thing. At one point I had planned on going to graphic design school and I love how I get to build some of those skills while I turn my crochet hobby into a business! So many avenues to explore!