This pattern, like all the patterns in this eBook, has a chart size of 121 x 121. This works up to 30″ square when you meet gauge so I call it a baby blanket but you can also think of it as an extra-large panel in a blanket. If you join 4 or 6 of these together you will get a full-size blanket.

If you like these waves you can also get a different size! I use a very small section of wave in my tutorial on YouTube: Wave 10, Locked Filet Mesh Crochet-A-Long Tutorial. You can crochet the small 5″ square with me using the interlocking crochet method (also called Locked Filet Mesh or LFM).

You can also download the PDF of the tiny wave square for FREE on Ravelry! Wave 10 on Ravelry

Interlocking Wave 10 crocheted for YouTube tutorial

The same pattern is used in my video tutorial on how to Read Mosaic Crochet Chart Without X’s. This is a very handy skill to have but if you are used to having X’s on the chart, have no fear: my patterns are all being updated to include a chart with X’s now. It is taking me awhile because I have so many patterns, but I am nearly finished getting them all updated!

I also used these waves in a scarf which was part of my 2020 Father’s Day CAL: Waves Scarf on Ravelry

Waves Scarf crocheted by Claudia

And I made this design available as a shawl as well; you can begin with the long edge or short end to get a different effect with your self-striping yarn! Waves Shawl on Ravelry

Waves Shawl crocheted by Dawn Haynes

My “Into The Ocean” blanket pattern uses these waves as a border around some swirling waves.

Crocheted by Christine Schneider

So, I guess it’s fair to say I like water-themed patterns!

Get the Pattern

The eBook contains 6 patterns and saves you more than 30% compared to buying them individually.

  • One Octopus
  • To Sail Away
  • Trident
  • Four Lobsters
  • All the Waves
  • Electric Shock

These baby blankets are all 30″ square when you meet gauge. Each pattern has a chart size of 121 x 121 and you begin with 60 windows when you do the interlocking crochet technique.

Mosaic Crochet, by Angela Kermack