You may recognize this as the image I used for the background of the eBook cover page. It was probably the easiest pattern to draw in this set. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t still awesome!

I created this design as the background for my Trident square. And then I liked how it looked on its own as well. Happy accidents, right!?

Whether you use the mosaic technique or the interlocking technique, the Right Side looks the same.

Angela Kermack used white as the Main Color in her overlay mosaic sample.

I used white as the second color (accent color, contrasting color) in my interlocking crochet sample. I love how the Wrong Side is a different image when you use the interlocking technique.

This pattern works up quickly because the repeating section is easy to memorize. I use my phone to read the patterns when I am crocheting and my screen always dims before I get to the end of the row. With this pattern that didn’t interrupt my crocheting, I was able to just keep going because I knew that it just kept repeating.

However, the “easy” level of this pattern actually caused me to feel bored many times. I prefer something that requires more focus and attention otherwise my mind wanders.

Do you like the repetitive patterns?

Get the Pattern

The eBook contains 6 patterns and saves you more than 30% compared to buying them individually.

  • One Octopus
  • To Sail Away
  • Trident
  • Four Lobsters
  • All the Waves
  • Electric Shock

These baby blankets are all 30″ square when you meet gauge. Each pattern has a chart size of 121 x 121 and you begin with 60 windows when you do the interlocking crochet technique.