There’s one week left in October. I don’t have a new pattern ready for this month. I haven’t published a new pattern since October 11, when I published all 6 patterns in the eBook More in the Ocean. It feels really weird to have so many days go by between publishing.

Since I started designing patterns 570 days ago, I have published 249 designs to Ravelry which averages to 1 new pattern every 2.3 days. I don’t know if Ravelry includes eBooks in that number (I have 15 eBooks listed). I only have 109 active listings on Etsy – I’ve bundled things when possible to keep fees down and some of the small squares just aren’t available on that platform yet. I’ll keep working on that.

Each pattern includes written line-by-line instructions for both techniques (interlocking and overlay mosaic) and a chart for each technique as well. The mosaic charts have X’s (there are still a few patterns that I haven’t updated yet; I’ll keep working on that too).

I haven’t had to rely on games or gimmicks to keep engagement up in my Facebook group or on my Instagram feed because I just have new content to share all the time. I am learning as I go and I am trying to be a full-time marketer as well as pattern designer as well as website creator as well as pattern support as well as teacher for newbies as well as…. you get the point.

So, when I realized I would have a big gap between new patterns I decided to create a game for my Facebook group! There’s still time for you to join!

I created a quick mystery pattern and posted it in my Facebook group for free. Thank you to the 100+ comments that have kept it bumped up for everyone to see! Tonight I will create a new post asking to see everyone’s creations. It is a very small piece and doesn’t take long to work up. One self-proclaimed “slow-crocheter” said it only took her 2.5 hours. I think it took me about 45 minutes – but I also had the benefit of knowing what I was making.

This mystery pattern is ONLY mosaic crochet this time. I was hoping it would encourage some of you to try something new and it is the more popular technique in the group. Plus, I really liked the solid look for this pattern so I didn’t want the interlocking mesh dots over the whole piece. Maybe next time I will get the group to learn solid interlocking sections!

If you share your photo in the thread that I haven’t created yet (wait about 12 hours for it to be October 24 here) then you will be entered to win a free pattern of your choice!

I hope you enjoy these little games while you wait for the next pattern. I have a few really awesome ones on the way!