Moving Joys, Continued

I normally just post about crochet and my new patterns. But this adventure of moving has been so eventful it needed it’s own memorial here on my blog.

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Renovation Surprises

So, I’m standing near the fridge, having a little late-night snack (don’t tell the kids I ate the last of their muffin), and suddenly I hear water gushing from under the sink.

I don’t have my glasses on but I opened the cupboard doors anyway. It looks like water is spraying EVERYWHERE!

I *quietly* call to Mitch down the hall (the kids are asleep in the living room right next to the kitchen because the two bedrooms are still in renovation mode) and while totally-not-panicking I tell him to turn the water off.

We now have a lake under the sink which is seeping out to the floor. The inside walls are dripping. The kids have not woken up.

Mitch looks around under there and asks me where it was leaking from. I put on my glasses and point to the hoses. Which is apparently not that helpful.

He tells me he needs to turn the water back on and I need to watch and see where the leak is coming from.

My Video

I decided I should record it so he can see exactly where it is coming from.

He asks if I am ready. I say yes and push record. Nothing really happens. This is my super helpful and interesting video showing that nothing is leaking.

What Next?

He then tells me he had tightened something that he suspected was the problem. So, that was confirmation that the problem is this shark bite thing.

So, we are back to no running water until he can get that replaced or fixed or whatever.

The good news is that we tried the washing machine yesterday and it doesn’t appear to be damaged from frozen water and then today (before the pipes broke again) we turned the dishwasher on and it seems to work fine too.

We did learn that the kitchen sink drain on one side has completely fallen apart – all the spoiled milk I dumped down the drain landed on the floor.

It is definitely an adventure around here!