The countdown is definitely on to get this Crochet-A-Long (CAL) STARTED! ?

UPDATE: CAL is now over but you can always create this project and share your progress with us at any time! #Winter2021CAL

Updated to add my finished sample

I know there are also CALs from other designers going on at the same time. It is simply impossible to schedule things one at a time. I do hope to see at least a few progress photos from you guys the next few weeks even though I know some of you will be working on other projects.

If you’re eager to get started, like me, then why not get those foundation rows figured out? The actual pattern will go live on Ravelry and Etsy tomorrow night and then the FREE version will begin online here as well (part 1 will contain introductory info and the first few rows).

First decide which technique you’re using (interlocking or overlay mosaic crochet). Then grab your yarn and a hook (and likely a stitch marker or scissors as well).

I am going to use this thin cone yarn from my stash.

I am going to use grey as my Main Color because I want the “snowflake” parts to be grey with the background this bright blue color.

Both techniques are written up to be repeated six times to get the blanket width. I am going to make a table runner during the CAL so I am not repeating it.

If you are using the interlocking crochet technique this is the chart that will help you decide how many windows to put in your foundation row:

Chart for determining the width of your Interlocking Crochet project

My finished project won’t be 10″ wide because I am not using worsted weight yarn. You can always make a gauge swatch if you’re concerned about size and yardage.

If you prefer the overlay mosaic technique then your foundation rows are a bit simpler than the interlocking method. The finished sizes should be the same (that is, if you match gauge the smallest width is 10″ and each additional repeat adds 8.5″ to your project).

This is how I have written the foundation instructions for the overlay mosaic version:

Foundation instructions for the mosaic technique

My apologies – an error was found in the foundation row math! It *should* say: repeats of 34 +3 (or chain 34 +4) which means a total of 207 stitches is needed for a full blanket.

Updated December 21, 2021

I hope this helps you get a head start! Give us a shout in the Facebook group if you need help or want to show off your progress!