Updated Charts

I published a new eBook just yesterday and already I have updated it!

My new Sunflower Garden eBook and the individual squares now include charts for those left-facing leaves.

I had mistakenly assumed that chart-readers were masters in everything and didn’t need the mirrored charts to get those left-facing leaves! Silly me.

I know left-handed crocheters will start at the bottom left instead of the bottom right but I guess that’s not so easy for right-handed crocheters.

Thank you for bringing it to my attention!

Charts or Written Pattern?

I personally cannot follow the chart while crocheting.

The mosaic charts are easier to follow, but whether they have X’s or not I just find there’s too much stimuli and I lose my place too easily.

The interlocking charts require a lot of my brain power to figure out (am I allowed to admit that?) because you always have to be aware of whether you’re working from the right side or the wrong side and are you using the main color or the accent color?

I can draw the charts and I can write the instructions from the charts, and then I can follow those written instructions while crocheting. But I really don’t like skipping that middle part (the writing of the line-by-line instructions). I mean, if I HAD to only follow the chart I could probably do it, but I’m much quicker at just reading the written instructions.

Interlocking or Mosaic

Whether you use the interlocking crochet method or the overlay mosaic crochet method you now have charts that show the leaves facing right and then charts that show them facing left for both the “Sunflower AND Leaves” square and the “Sunflower Leaves” square. And of course, the eBook has been updated as well.

Please head back to the main landing page for the Sunflower Garden eBook for more details on these designs!

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