Birthday Sale

Birthdays are a big deal in this household. We always have balloons hanging from doorways when the kids wake up and we have a special Birthday banner we have been using for a few years. Plus, we do the typical gifts and cake.

I like to make my own cake for the kids. Depending on their mood sometimes they help me. I try to have fun with it and make memories, not perfection.

This year we did a pretty simple cake for my son’s 5th birthday. It was supposed to be rainbow icing but my rainbow colors got too mashed together and turned peachy. His favorite color is orange anyway so he likes it.

Handmade Birthday Gift

I made him this amazing little dragon amigurumi! I’m proud of it – it even has wire in the wings. I used a free pattern on Ravelry:


I made this little video to show off his dragon flying. I’ve had a few problems making it work on the website, so I hope it’s working for you.

I put my Mountains 20 design in the background.

Birthday Sale

I wanted to do something fun and original that would give my customers a good deal (so you can share the happy feelings we have in this household with all the birthday fun) but also represent my little 5 year old boy.

So I’ve decided to pick 5 patterns that will each be 50% off until 11:59 pm CST, March 13, 2022). Offer expired.

Birthday Cupcake

The relevance is pretty obvious: happy birthday!

This great green sample was crocheted by Angie.

Preemie Love Blanket

Originally designed with my eldest daughter in mind, this blanket was one of Remi’s favorites and he was really sad when I gave “his” blanket away. Of course, I didn’t realize he loved it and had claimed it until it was gone in the mail.

Dinosaur Stomp

I drew this for Remi but it is still waiting on my to do list. Cue the mom guilt. I’m just going to do a little yarn shopping now… brb ?

(Brb means “be right back” but I’m just pretending, I still have more pattern sales to share with you before I go get lost in the online yarn stores!)

Baby Sea Turtle

I drew this little blanket for Remi as well, and I even crocheted it for him!

He was obsessed with turtles for awhile and every now and then it will pop back up as his favorite thing but this blanket never reached peak snuggle status. It might be because I used a strange yarn (the texture is fluffy but sparkly and scratchy).

Excavator 40 and Firetruck 40

I just couldn’t decide which of these squares represented Remi more so I decided they could both be on the list.

I was definitely thinking of him as I crocheted the Firetruck (it now sits in a bag full of squares, waiting to be used as something more important) but I am not sure what Miloslava did with her Excavator sample.

They have both been added to Etsy just now (previously were only available on Ravelry).

Firetruck 40

I used a few leftover reds in my stash and it gave my Firetruck background a fun effect!

Promotion Details

Applicable on Ravelry & Etsy, on “Birthday Cupcake”, “Preemie Love Blanket”, “Dinosaur Stomp”, “Baby Sea Turtle”, “Excavator 40”, & “Firetruck 40”. No code needed. Offer ends 11:59pm CST March 13, 2022.