My newest pattern features a big, llama-butt. It makes me giggle to myself each time I see it.

There are actually two shaggy llamas looking back at you. They are saying, “Come along!” but since they are llamas I made them say, “Come a-llama” … get it? It’s punny, right?

My husband helped me come up with the title and so I am going to blame him if this blanket pattern is a complete flop. I know not everyone can be as funny and cool as my beloved hubby.

I debated internally on whether to put the words on the top corner or not. Having words on the design means I have to create written instructions for the left-handed crocheters. I don’t want to leave them out.

I just liked the way it looked better, so I decided to put the words on it. I make a lot of decisions based on a whim like that. So far, it’s working out okay for me!

Interlocking Crochet Sample by Skye Acker. Dark brown used as the Main Color (MC).

To summarize, you’ll get this super-awesome, funny little llama throw blanket crochet pattern written up for two techniques (interlocking crochet and overlay mosaic crochet) and each technique has right- and left-handed instructions. There is a one-page chart for the interlocking crochet technique (it is best used on a screen, good for zooming in). And the multi-page chart for the mosaic technique has X’s on it so you know where to drop those double crochets.

The mosaic version of this pattern has had the interlocking mesh dots and the extra border lines removed and the gauge gets slightly larger because of that.

Usually I say you can use whatever colors you want. For this pattern it is important that you definitely use the darker color as the Main Color (MC), that is the first color used. It will allow the llama drawing to show properly.

Wrong side of interlocking crochet sample by Skye Acker. If you use the mosaic technique your “wrong side” will just be stripes.

Interlocking Crochet Details

  • US crochet terminology
  • Chart is 185 x 185
  • Finished measurements approximately 46” x 46” / 117cm x 117cm
  • 4.5 mm hook (US7)
  • Worsted weight yarn (2500-2575 yards total)
    • Main color (MC) black – 1250 yards plus 75 for optional border
    • Accent color (AC) yellow – 1250 yards
  • Gauge: 16 DC x 8 rows = 4”

Overlay Mosaic Crochet Details

  • US crochet terminology
  • Chart is 181 x 181
  • Finished measurements approximately 48” x 52” / 123cm x 131cm
  • 5 mm hook (H-8)
  • Worsted weight yarn (3050-3650 yards)
    • Main color (black) – 1200 yards
    • Contrasting color (yellow) – 1850 yards
    • Optional envelope border – 600 yards
  • Gauge: 14 stitches x 15 rows = 4”

Get the Pattern

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