Double Wedding Rings Center-Out Update

I know you have been waiting SO LONG for this update!

I am so excited to announce that my most popular pattern ever has now received an update that makes it even more amazing!

Double Wedding Rings was published in February 2022. It broke so many of my personal records (most sales in a day, most sales in a month, most shares on Facebook, etc). And each time someone shares their progress online I get another burst of sales and love. Thank you so much for all the love!

Double Wedding Rings

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Get the Pattern

If you’ve previously purchased this pattern on Ravelry you will already have access to the updated files.

If you purchased on Etsy you will need to email me with your order number and I will send you the updated files.

Quick promo video for the Double Weddings Rings Center-Out Update.

New versus Old

Regarding the original patterns: there are two files, one for the interlocking crochet technique and one for the overlay mosaic crochet technique. All of my patterns are like this. Read more about the techniques I use here:

But this one was also created with the ability to make it any size you want! The base square is the same size as my 40-window squares / 81 x 81 chart size.

However, instead of crocheting many squares and then sewing them together, this pattern has been written in a way that allows you to repeat it as you go.

My mosaic crochet sample here was done from the bottom-up. Two repeats wide by three repeats tall with an envelope border added.

Bottom-Up Versus Center-Out

The center-out technique is going to be very popular with those who prefer the mosaic crochet option because you no longer have to worry about those tails! No envelope border needed.

The interlocking crocheters will be happy to create a blanket that keeps getting larger and you can just go until your yarn runs out, you don’t need to pre-plan how wide to make it.

Both options can be really stunning with a self-striping yarn.

My mosaic crochet sample here was done from the bottom-up. Two repeats wide by three repeats tall with an envelope border added.

So Many Options

This photo shows my center-out interlocking sample, a single square (using the interlocking technique), my original grey and white mosaic sample, and a center-out mosaic sample!

I know these colors are not all traditional ‘wedding’ colors. I wanted to have a bit more fun with it! I am not entirely sure how large I will make these center-out pieces. I’ve already started adding some extra yarn that I had leftover from other projects so the colors are going to be very bright and bold for my two center-out samples!

But, have you seen some of the projects others have made with this pattern – they are stunning!!

Check them out on Ravelry or in my Facebook Goup (you will have to be a group member to view the album on Facebook).


I have video tutorials to help you learn each of the colorwork techniques (interlocking crochet / locked filet mesh and overlay mosaic crochet).

But I also have a complete step-by-step walk-thru of the first dozen rows of each center-out sample of Double Wedding Ring.

You will find those videos titled “Dream a Dream” because I changed the final few rows to make the design a small square on its own. Click the images here to get to each video.

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