Center-Out Update of Heart Levels 40

If you have subscribed to my YouTube channel and have notifications turned on (you need to click on the little bell) then you’ll have noticed that I have a new video published!!

This pattern, Heart Levels 40, has now been updated to include center-out instructions for BOTH techniques (interlocking crochet and overlay mosaic crochet).

It’s always interesting to see what the Wrong Side (aka Back Side) of the interlocking pattern will look like. “Heart Levels” doesn’t have any hearts on the wrong side.

There are now 4 files in the Ravelry and Etsy listings: one for the original interlocking square, one for the original overlay mosaic crochet square (using the interlocking chart with dots and border lines), a NEW center-out version of the interlocking crochet square, and a NEW center-out overlay mosaic version of this square.

When you do the interlocking crochet version from the center-out you will have two unlocked layers until you get to round 5

The center-out mosaic version has been adjusted so there are no mesh dots or border lines. The original bottom-up mosaic version of this square still has those mesh dots.

The center-out version of the mosaic crochet square doesn’t have any tails to worry about, so that’s probably my favorite!

I have created full walk-thru videos for the center-out versions of this square. The videos are quite long but there are time stamps so you can just jump to whatever round you’re having troubles with.

YouTube Walk-Thru for the Center-Out version of “Heart Levels” using the overlay mosaic crochet technique. Part 1 of 2. Recorded live, video quality is less than stellar, I apologize.

YouTube Walk-Thru for the Center-Out version of “Heart Levels” using the overlay mosaic crochet technique. Part 2 of 2.

If you’d like to practice the center-out technique a bit more, maybe you’d prefer to start with my tutorial videos (each technique also has a PDF photo tutorial if you’d prefer):

Get the Pattern

If you’ve previously purchased this pattern or eBook on Ravelry, you’ll have an update in your library. If you bought the eBook on Etsy you’ll need to email me with your order number and I will email you the new files.

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