Year of Gnomes

Solid, Adjusted Overlay Mosaic Crochet Update

In 2021 I published a new gnome square each month. As with all my designs you had the option of using interlocking crochet or overlay mosaic crochet.

The original overlay mosaic crochet option used the same chart as the interlocking crochet option. This meant you could see the mesh dots all over.

As of July 2022 I’ve now updated all the gnome squares in this series PLUS the free Banner to include a third file: adjusted overlay mosaic crochet.


If you purchased the eBook or any of the individual squares on Ravelry you will now have an update available to you.

If you used Etsy you’ll need to email me with your order number and I will send you the updated files.

A Year of Gnomes

If you’re not sure what this series of gnomes squares is all about, head back to the main landing page!

This Year of Gnomes was my first “Year of…” series of monthly squares.

Mosaic Crochet Technique

Whether you use the original overlay mosaic crochet file or the adjusted overlay mosaic crochet file, the crocheting technique is the same.

What’s Been Adjusted?

The original squares were designed first as interlocking crochet patterns. The overlay mosaic crochet versions of each square used the interlocking chart but were written for the mosaic crochet technique.

The interlocking crochet method creates mesh dots naturally, and the effect can be reproduced using the overlay mosaic crochet technique.

Each gnome has now been updated to include a 3rd option: the adjusted overlay mosaic crochet pattern.

The interlocking mesh dots have been removed and the extra border lines have also been removed.

Interlocking crochet version of October Gnome.

Original overlay mosaic crochet version of August Gnome crocheted by CrochetCarob.

Solid, adjusted overlay mosaic crochet version of Januay Gnome crocheted by Wolsalon.

What else has changed?

The original mosaic crochet version of each of these squares used a chart that started as row 1.

I haven’t changed the charts’ images but I have changed the numbering of the rows. They now start at row 0 so that they match the written pattern completely.

But wait, there’s more!

Months after the “Year of Gnomes” was finished, a request came in for a title banner. I created the banner and added the free interlocking and overlay mosaic crochet patterns to the files in my Facebook group, Ashlee Brotzell Designs as well as here on my website.

You can now find the Year of Gnomes Banner pattern using this third colorwork technique in the Facebook group files or you can follow along free here on my website!