This will be a quick entry. I have just updated ‘Brotzell Tiger King‘.

Crocheted by Chantal Doiron using the overlay mosaic crochet technique.

Nothing has changed with the interlocking file.

The mosaic file used to be a written pattern and then a multi-page chart.

It now includes a one-page chart as well.

The one-page charts are better for viewing on a screen (computer, tablet, etc) whereas the multi-page charts are better for printing.

Lately I’ve been including both options but some of my patterns have only one or the other option of chart size.

Please contact me if you need a pattern updated! I plan on getting to them all eventually but if there’s something you’re working on and it isn’t a good format then just let me know so I can fix it!

Also, if you purchased this pattern on Etsy you’ll need to email me with your order number to receive the new file. Ravelry has been updated already.