Believe it or not, this morning I woke up to the sound of our furnace running. Heat was being pumped through our home in August!

Why? Because it was freaking cold out!

When the weather gets warm we turn the thermostat down so low that it only kicks in if it is 16° Celcius inside (that is 62°F). And today, in the middle of summer, it is that chilly. Didn’t my thermometer show 50°C / 120°F just a few weeks ago!?

Winter is just around the corner I guess.

So, I’m having a pre-winter sale to warm me up!

Use code “22PREWINTER” to save 30% when you buy 2 or more patterns on Ravelry or Etsy until 11:59pm CST August 10, 2022.

I was originally going to make the sale apply to holiday-themed patterns only, but I’ve decided that’s too complicated so it will apply to all of my patterns. EBooks are included, which is a great deal for you because they usually represent a 30% savings already!

Also, fun to know: I have almost finished drawing my next CAL! It is a winter-themed design and I hope to have it ready for you by mid-September. (nope, not ready)

Choose 2 or more patterns and enter code “22PREWINTER

Offer expires 11:59 pm CST August 10, 2022.

To get you in the holiday mood, check out this newly finished “Tinsel Tangle” blanket crocheted by Kristen Forster! She’s a lefty so I had her test out the left-handed instructions and we are pleased to confirm that the pattern is good and functional! 😉

Tinsel Tangle on Ravelry

Tinsel Tangle on Etsy

Or, cozy up with a warm gingerbread man! This sample of “Warm Wishes” was crocheted by Geraldine Hobbs.

Warm Wishes on Ravelry

Warm Wishes on Etsy