I have just finished updating all 15 squares in “Ashlee’s 2020 Holidays Squares” eBook!

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Thank you all for your patience as I grow and learn!

When I first published these squares I created written instructions for both interlocking crochet and overlay mosaic crochet, but I used the same chart for both techniques.

All 15 squares, crocheted by Ethel Louise Bradford using the interlocking crochet technique.

The people have spoken, and the majority prefer an adjusted chart for the mosaic version. The interlocking mesh dots can be removed to make the solid sections more solid. And the locking border lines are unnecessary when using the mosaic technique, so those are removed as well.

Each of the 15 squares in this eBook now has 3 files (one for the interlocking crochet version, one for the ORIGINAL overlay mosaic crochet version using the interlocking chart, and an ADJUSTED overlay mosaic crochet version using a chart that has had the border lines and mesh dots removed).

Except One!

The exception to this is the “Hanukkah” pattern. It was originally draw in an 81 x 81 chart to fit with the other squares but this required that I cut off the bottom of the star. So this pattern has a bonus option of a rectangle that shows the whole star (but won’t match with the other squares well). Each option (the square and the rectangle) come with all 3 versions of the pattern now.

Oh, and “Ashlee’s Snowflake” can be done from the center-out (adjusted mosaic version only)! That’s a fun bonus that means you don’t have to worry about cutting the yarn and dealing with the cut ends afterwards.

Get the Pattern

A few days ago I put the eBook on promotion to go with the new squares, “Ashlee’s 2021 Block” & “Ashlee’s 2022 Block”.

The new blocks are not included in this eBook. And the new blocks are written up only two ways: interlocking crochet and the adjusted solid overlay mosaic crochet.

You’ll get an automatic 25% discount on this eBook (Ravelry & Etsy) until 11:59 pm CST November 17, 2022.

Etsy users who already purchased this eBook must contact me for the updated files.

The individual squares are not currently available on Etsy (only in the eBook) but can be made available if someone needs me to do that.

On Ravelry, you can get the eBook at nearly a 50% discount versus buying each square individually (plus the current sale on top of that!) or you can grab the squares individually: