Part 7 in the multi-designer Mosaic Christmas CAL hosted by the Facebook Group MOSAIC CROCHET (previously, Mosaic Crochet MALS, CALS & more) is now live!

Maud Akkermans in the designer of this section called “Sparkle”. It is, of course, free on Ravelry and YouTube (each section in this CAL is available on YouTube and as a free download on Ravelry).

You can find more of Maud’s patterns on Ravelry.

You can find the other parts of this CAL by searching “Mosaic Christmas CAL” on Ravelry or check out my post from last week about Part 5: Sleigh where I list the designers.

Wait, Who’s the Designer?

My “Sleigh” section is free to view on my website, free to download on Ravelry, and free to view on YouTube.

You might be wondering, why is Ashlee telling us about another designer’s pattern? Well, Maud needed someone to make the video portion and that someone was me!

I feel so honored that she trusted me with this. And it is much nicer when we can all work together (I’ve seen way too much drama in the crochet community!).

I will earn a few dollars from having this video on my YouTube channel. I’m not at the point where the time and effort from the videos pays off instantly (at least 10 hours went into this video and I anticipate earning a similar amount as my Sleigh section). Maybe someday I’ll be famous enough to live off of my YouTube channel but for now I am happy to continue offering content as I am able.

This is a screenshot I just took from my YouTube statistics:

I think it’s amusing that my top-earning video this past month was for the knitting machine.

Get the Pattern

Free to view on YouTube and free to download on Ravelry!