This year has just flown by! It is not December yet though – don’t worry! I am publishing December Cat a few days early as requested by a few people in my Facebook Group: Ashlee Brotzell Designs.

The holiday season is upon us and people are getting busy but they want to make sure the blanket is finished in time, so our final square (December Cat) is live now instead of waiting for December 1st.

Interlocking crochet sample, black as Main Color (MC)

You’ll also be happy to know I’ve decided on next year’s theme and have all 12 squares drawn up! I’ve got to turn them into a proper pattern still and then I’ll get my team of testers working on it.

Overlay mosaic crochet version of “December Cat”

Our Year of Cats has been a fun series and I am so thankful for all the interest and support this year!

Melody came to snuggle with me

Quick recap:

  • The Year of Cats series contains 12 squares (one for each month)
    • PLUS a couple bonus squares
  • Each square has a chart and a full written pattern for TWO techniques: interlocking crochet or overlay mosaic crochet
    • Mosaic crochet option has had the interlocking mesh dots & extra border lines removed
    • Mosaic crochet charts have X’s showing the dropped double crochets
  • The eBook contains the 12 original individual squares (one file for interlocking and one file for mosaic)
  • PLUS, there’s a bonus eBook (one file for each technique) which contains “Bonus Scratch Cat”, “November Cat Face”, and an all-in-one Love mini-series blanket (using March, June, September, and December Cats), and an all-in-one blanket pattern (using the 12 original squares) so you don’t have to join squares!
    • In the bonus eBook, mosaic version only, there’s also a file that has the written pattern for using November Cat and November Cat Face as a bag.
Interlocking crochet squares: March Cat, June Cat, September Cat, and December Cat. Joined to show the Love Mini-series.

December Cat not only finishes our full blanket of 12 squares, it finishes the mini-series that spells “Love”. This is the “e”, and because we need to make sure it faces the right way to be legible this square comes with the written pattern for right- and left-handed crocheters!

The mini-series uses March, June, September, and December Cats. The bonus eBook also includes an all-in-one pattern for the Love blanket (right- and left-handed options). This allows you to crochet the set as a single blanket without needing to join squares.

The bonus eBook ALSO includes an all-in-one pattern for the full blanket (using the 12 original squares).

All-in-one patterns allow you to crochet without joining squares at the end. They still include charts and full written patterns for both techniques. They are ONLY available in the eBook listings on Etsy and Ravelry (in the Bonus eBook files) – they are not listed separately.

Thank you to my testing team: cyncitycrochets, CarolinevdB, & Maja Serec!

Joining Squares

I created a quick tutorial on how to join squares. This can be applied to more than just our cat squares, but I had the cats in mind when I did it. It is short enough to watch in full and then use the excessive amount of time stamps to find exactly what you want to re-watch.

YouTube Tutorial

Get the Pattern

2022: A Year of Cats (ongoing updates)
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Interlocking Crochet Details

  • Crochet hook: 4.5 mm (US7)
  • Stitch marker
  • Gauge: 16 stitches x 8 rows in one color = 4” square
  • Finished size: 20″ x 20″ / 51cm x 51cm
  • Worsted Weight Yarn (460 – 485 yards)
  • Main Color (MC) – 230 yards plus 25 yards for optional SC border
  • Accent Color (AC) – 230 yards

Overlay Mosaic Crochet Details

  • Crochet hook: 5 mm (H-8)
  • Scissors
  • Gauge: 14 stitches x 15 rows = 4″ square
  • Finished size: 20” x 22” / 52cm x 56cm
  • Worsted Weight Yarn (625 – 875 yards)
  • Main Color (MC) – 325 yards
  • Coordinating Color (CC) – 300 yards
  • Optional Envelope Border – 250 yards