A new year deserves a big, deep breath of new hope for the future. Leaves and greenery will come in the spring! Even though it’s currently a very white winter here in Saskatchewan, Canada we can see hope on the horizon.

My 10-second promo clip. You can also find a full walk-through tutorial using the interlocking crochet method for my small blossom used in this set: https://youtu.be/_3So3Pe8GWc

The Tranquil Leaves Set was designed to remind us that spring is coming!

Tranquil Leaves Set

The eBook listings on Ravelry and Etsy have 2 files: one for each technique (interlocking crochet and overlay mosaic crochet).

Each file contains the full written pattern and chart for each design:

  • Tranquil Leaves Blanket from the center-out
  • Tranquil Leaves Blanket from the bottom-up
  • Large Tranquil Leaves Runner
  • Small Tranquil Leaves Runner
Bottom-up Overlay Mosaic Crochet version crocheted by Linda Bakker

The blanket is designed as one piece, but it does look sort of like it has 3 stages. There’s the blossom in the center, the smaller leaves and blossoms in the middle, and the large leaves and blossoms on the outer edge.

Nessa Miller used a teal color for the MC. This blanket was started at the bottom like most of my other interlocking crochet designs.

Whether you choose to use interlocking crochet or overlay mosaic crochet, you can do this blanket from the bottom-up or the center-out.

Center-out, overlay mosaic crochet version, crocheted by Anonymous

After drawing the blanket, I decided that there was potential for more options; people might want to use the leaves without the blanket.

So I created the small and large runner patterns. Each runner starts with its blossom, is designed so you can repeat the leaf section as many times as you want, and then ends with another blossom.

The blanket has 3 different blossom styles (from the center, the middle section, the outer section). If you do the center-out blanket you can stop after you’ve completed the blossom.

The center blossom (using the center-out interlocking crochet technique).

If you use the interlocking crochet technique on the runner patterns, you can very easily stop after the blossom is completed instead of adding the leaves.

The blossom from the large runner on the outer edge of the blanket (using the interlocking crochet technique).

The smallest blossom, from the middle ring of the blanket, can also be found on YouTube as a full, step-by-step walk-thru using interlocking crochet! I made it with beginners in mind!

Mosaic Crochet Runners

The blossoms from the runners, using the overlay mosaic crochet technique, are a little harder to squeeze out of the patterns.

The interlocking crochet runners are worked from the short side whereas the mosaic runners begin with the long side of the project.

This makes the cut ends a design feature on the mosaic crochet runners. I like the chained fringe but you can do whatever you want for your project.

Linda Bakker has shown us two twisted fringe options on her mosaic version of the Small Tranquil Leaves Runner (shown below).

Twisted fringe: with 4 strands versus 2 strands

Each row starts with the blossom instructions and then has the leaves’ instructions in between asterisks (*) to be repeated, before ending with the instructions for another blossom. So, it is possible to only crochet the blossom, but it isn’t written as neatly as with the interlocking version.

Sheryl Dunbar turned her Large Runner into a wall hanging!

Also note, I call it a “runner” but these can be used as scarves or wall hangings too!

Tranquil Leaves Blanket

I chose to use Lion Brand’s Mandala in colorway Wood Nymph for the Main Color in my center-out interlocking crochet blanket. I did cut out the lightest parts from the Wood Nymph colorway because I didn’t want to loose the contrast between the white yarn.

The white is technically from a bag of mill ends but I believe it is Bernat Baby Coordinates (it’s is a crinkly yarn and has a soft shiny thread throughout).

I used Lion Brand Mandala “Wood Nymph” for the Main Color (MC) in my center-out interlocking crochet sample. These colors make me think of fairies and springtime!

I love the way the colors can be played with when you’re choosing to do the center-out version or the bottom-up version of the blanket!

Center-out Mosaic Crochet version crocheted by Cindy Daling

Wrong Sides

One more thing I really like about the interlocking version of each of these designs is how amazing the “wrong side” looks!

The wrong side on mosaic projects will be striped with a faint illusion of what’s on the front.

Wrong side of bottom-up mosaic crochet version of Tranquil Leaves blanket crocheted by Linda Bakker

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Tested by Alexandra, Anonymous, Cindy Daling, Linda Bakker, Nessa Miller, Maja Serec, Mona Rae Hill, & Sheryl Dunbar.

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