One of my favorite motifs is this tiny, nested heart design. With interlocking crochet the wrong side is still all hearts (just upside down)! But of course we can use the overlay mosaic technique as well.

This repeat section on the chart is only 16 x 19. It is designed so that it repeats indefinitely. You can make it as wide as you want and as tall as you want!

If you are looking for a pre-set size you may wish to use one of my other patterns that use this motif:

I used this design to showcase my tutorial on Tunisian Mosaic Crochet! It is not a full walk-thru of the pattern, it is just a stitch tutorial. You can also try my photo tutorial on my website:

When I first started designing I had no idea that people were so fond of designs that repeating. I like the big images (like Brotzell Tiger King).

I have made a few designs that are smaller and require repeating, but I also have a lot of older patterns that are small squares and I think some of them will need to be updated to include instructions on how to repeat them because they would work for that but aren’t currently being shown in that way.

Image shows the same sample done in three different crochet techniques. Each sample is two repeats wide, one repeat tall. From the top, swatches done in interlocking crochet, overlay mosaic crochet, and tunisian mosaic crochet. Comparison of yardage found here.

Wrong sides

This pattern has been added to my Hearts, Hearts, Hearts eBook (which has 16 designs, each written up for both interlocking crochet AND overlay mosaic crochet; plus one square can also be made from the center-out in both techniques so that gives you 36 options of things to make!).

My kitty helping

Get the Pattern

On Ravelry, if you purchase (or have previously purchased) any design that uses the Many Hearts motif you can add this Repeatable Many Hearts pattern to you cart for free!

On Etsy, send me a message with your transaction number and I’ll send it to you!

Offer expires February 28, 2023.