Did you catch my latest live video on my Facebook page or Instagram? I am told I am cute and amusing, which is way better than being boring! If you don’t know, it’s my 3rd anniversary of designing patterns, so I’m doing a bunch of Designaversary Giveaways and Promotions this month!

You’re going to want to enter the big Grandprize Giveaway! Click here to get to the entry page! Or keep reading to find out about the current promotion!

April’s “Boring” Sale

For the month of April 2023, you’ll get an automatic 30% discount! For more details click here.

AB Promo expired

If you’re new to me, the important thing to know is that all my designs come with the full written pattern and charts for both interlocking crochet and overlay mosaic crochet. You can check out my tutorials here.

But, if you already know me and are excited about this discount code but, you don’t want to watch that video I did on Facebook (linked just above), here are the details to continue our Designaversary Celebration: the next promo code is listed below, and the details are a bit complicated so make sure you keep reading.


Valid on Ravelry only. Expires 11:59pm CST April 8, 2023.

Requirements: what does the buyer have to do?

Minimum purchase: 3 items (it’s my 3rd Designaversary after all)

FYI: an eBook counts as 1 item and all items in my store can be used toward the minimum purchase count.

Offer: what will the buyer get?

*Cue the jaw drop!* ?

50% off all patterns that begin with the letter “A” or “B” (because those are my initials).

EBooks are excluded from this discount because they already represent a significant discount (depending on the EBook it is anywhere from 30-60% off compared to buying those patterns individually).

Only the following products will be eligible for the discount:

Abstract Boxes 20
Abstract Cones 20
Abstract Levels 20
Abstract Lines 20
Abstract Princess
Abstract Queen
Abstract Stripe 20
All the Waves
Antlers 20
April Cat
April Gnome
April Knot
Ashlee’s 2020 Block
Ashlee’s 2021 Block
Ashlee’s 2022 Block
Ashlee’s 2023 Block
Ashlee’s Christmas Tree Applique
Ashlee’s Snowflake 40
Ashlee’s Snowflake of Hearts 40
August Cat
August Gnome
Baby Crab
Baby Dolphin
Baby Fish
Baby Ocean
Baby Sea Turtle
Baby Whale
Bench 20
Birthday Cupcake
Blooming Owl Wall Hanging
Bonnet Girl Blanket
Book Dragon
Boot Prints Scarf
Bowties Scarf
Braided Chain Mosaic Scarf
Bronto 20
Brotzell Tiger King
Bubbles the Sea Turtle
But First, Coffee
Butterfly 40

That’s quite the selection!

Perhaps you’ve already noticed, but I didn’t manage to put a photo of every pattern in this list into my promo photo.

Starting at the top-left corner, working across, we have Brotzell Tiger King (crocheted by Chantal Doiron), August Cat, Bonnet Girl Blanket (crocheted by Martine), Abstract Queen (crocheted by Emily Harmon), All the Waves (crocheted by Angela Kermack), then just below that is Bowties Scarf (crocheted by Claudia), and the top-right corner is Bubbles the Sea Turtle.

The next “row” of pictures is But First, Coffee (crocheted by Esperanza), Book Dragon (crocheted by Angela), and Birthday Cupcake (crocheted by Ethel Louise Bradford).

The two tiny pink squares below the coffee blanket are August Gnome and April Cat (crocheted by CrochetCarob).

The bottom row has my Braided Chain Mosaic Scarf, April Knot, and Abstract Princess. Then there’s a grid of all 6 patterns in the Baby Ocean eBook. The top three are Baby Ocean (crocheted by CynCityCrochets), Baby Crab (crocheted by Altona Newcombe), and Baby Dolphin (crocheted by CynCityCrochets). The three ocean squares below those are Baby Sea Turtle, Baby Whale (crocheted by CynCityCrochets), and Baby Fish. Then we get to April Gnome, Antlers 20 (crocheted by Kate Dudman), and my Abstract Squares (Levels, Cones, Lines, Stripe, and Boxes).

Not shown in the promo photo: Ashlee’s 2020 Block (as well as 2021, 2022, & 2023), Ashlee’s Christmas Tree Applique (just a regular crochet pattern), Ashlee’s Snowflake, Ashlee’s Snowflake of Hearts, Bench 20, Blooming Owl Wall Hanging, Bootprints Scarf, Bronto 20, & Butterfly 40.

Remember, this promotion is applicable on Ravlery only (sorry, Etsy-users! They just don’t have as many code options there) and you have to add at least 3 patterns (starting with any letter) to your cart. You’ll get 50% off the patterns that start with “A” or “B” (this big long list above). Offer expires 11:59pm CST April 8, 2023.

What’s Next?

Tomorrow morning, I’ll post a giveaway on my Instagram account! Keep your eyes peeled!

Don’t forget, you have all month to enter the big Grandprize Giveaway!