If you previously purchased Speedy Train on Ravelry, you will now have an update waiting for you! I have added a third file: the adjusted mosaic crochet option.

Etsy users will need to email me with their transaction number to receive this new file.

What’s New?

This new file is a second overlay mosaic crochet option that uses an adjusted chart where the interlocking mesh dots have been removed.

Why are there three files?

Originally, I published an interlocking crochet pattern and an overlay mosaic crochet pattern that used the same chart. That means the mosaic version had the interlocking mesh dots all over it.

These two files have not been removed.

A third file has been added. This third file uses the overlay mosaic technique as well, but it uses an adjusted chart. I have removed the unnecessary border lines and the interlocking mesh dots.

To get into a deeper explanation of the three options, please see this page: https://ashleeslint.com/tutorials/interlocking-and-mosaic-crochet/

To Recap

All three files contain the full written pattern and chart for you to create your own Speedy Train blanket.

The mosaic options both use overlay mosaic crochet (where you cut your yarn at the end of every row) and have X’s marked on the charts.

The new adjusted mosaic crochet option does not have the interlocking mesh dots, so the solid areas are actually solid.


Here is Sherry Shaffer’s sample using the original overlay mosaic crochet pattern. You can see the wrong side peeking out at the top left corner; the back is striped when you use the overlay mosaic crochet technique. If you look closely at the “solid” white background you will see that there are actually dots all over – this is from using the original interlocking crochet chart (where those dots are a natural byproduct of the mesh).

In all three options you will begin with the Main Color (MC) which is the color of the train drawing. The second color used will be the background color.


Using this new, adjusted, solid overlay mosaic crochet option will mean you’ll need more yarn. Some people actually prefer the “mesh-y” mosaic option because it keeps the blanket lighter, uses less yarn, and tends to be less stiff.

You can go up a hook size to keep it from being stiff but this will use more yarn as well.

What’s Next?

I will continue to update older patterns with these adjusted, solid mosaic crochet options as time allows. Thank you for your patience and support!