Beloved B

“B” is for “Baby”. *Cue the heart-eyes!*

Interlocking & Mosaic

Beloved B comes with the fully written pattern and charts for both of my preferred colorwork techniques (interlocking crochet and overlay mosaic crochet).

The mosaic version is solid.

Learn more about these techniques at

Right- & Left-Handed

This design comes with the fully written pattern (in both techniques) for left-handed crocheters so they don’t need to read every line backwards to get the “B” legible.

See the collection of patterns with a left-handed option on Ravelry.

My Beloveds

“Beloved” is one of those words that feels special to me. It is such a small, simple word; but the love I have for my family is not small at all.

When a new baby is added to a family it is such a special time and this blanket was designed to commemorate that occasion for families everywhere.

“B” is for “Baby”

In my case, “B” could also stand for “Brotzell”.

A last-name initial would work well for a baby blanket.

A first-name initial could be nice too.

At this point, I only have the letter “B” on this blanket. If there’s a demand for other letters, I will draw them up!

Alphabet Update

Yes, I will be creating the rest of the alphabet! Thank you for all the feedback!

Blanket Size: Toddler or Baby?

I originally stated that this design fits in my “baby blanket” category. But it’s actually bigger than the patterns in that category.

I’ve created a new category: “toddler blanket“.

The interlocking crochet chart is 161 x 161 (which means it starts with 80 windows).

The border lines and mesh dots have been removed for the overlay mosaic crochet version; that chart is 157 x 157 and finishes to 42″ x 45″ / 106cm x 114cm before adding the optional envelope border.

Click here for details on yardage.

Interlocking Crochet’s Right & Wrong Sides

One of everyone’s favorite things about interlocking crochet is the amazing “wrong sides”! (The mosaic crochet technique produces stripes on the wrong side, which is still nice, but not as surprising).

Pictured below is Heather Passmore’s sample. She also added a pocket at the top of her blanket so a rod could be inserted in case the new parents would prefer to hang it on the wall. What a great idea!

Right side of Heather Passmore’s interlocking crochet sample of “Beloved B”. She used light green as the Main Color (MC).

Wrong side of Heather Passmore’s sample.

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Important Details

Each design comes with the fully written pattern and charts for two colorwork techniques: interlocking crochet and overlay mosaic crochet.

Click here to go to my tutorials for these crochet techniques.

Interlocking crochet / LFM crochet file includes:

  • line-by-line written pattern (view key)
  • instructions on reading a chart (view)
  • a one-page chart (good for viewing on a screen
  • a nine-page chart (better for printing)

Interlocking Crochet Details

  • Chart: 161 x 161
  • 4.5 mm hook (US7)
  • Gauge: 8 (dc, ch) x 8 rows = 4”
  • 40″ / 102cm square
  • Worsted weight yarn (2050 – 3300 yards total)
    • Main Color (MC), the letter – 1050 yards plus 250 yards for optional border
    • Accent Color (AC), the background – 1000 yards

Overlay Mosaic Crochet

The mosaic crochet version of each Beloved Alphabet blanket uses an adjusted chart. This means I’ve removed the interlocking mesh dots and unneccessary border lines. Read more about the differences at

Click here to learn more about the options for dealing with the cut ends at the end of each row when doing overlay mosaic crochet.

Overlay Mosaic Crochet file includes:

  • line-by-line written pattern (view key)
  • instructions for optional envelope border (view)
  • instructions on reading a chart (view)
  • a one-page chart marked with X’s (good for viewing on a screen)
  • a nine-page chart marked with X’s (better for printing)

Mosaic Crochet Details

  • Chart: 157 x 157
  • 5mm hook (H-8)
  • Gauge: 14 sc in BLO x 15 rows = 4″
  • 42″ x 45″ / 106cm x 114cm
  • Worsted weight yarn (2300 – 2800 yards total)
    • Main Color (MC), letter – 850 yards
    • Contrasting Color (CC), background – 1450 yards
    • Plus, optional envelope border – 500 yards

The mosaic & interlocking crochet samples of Ashlee Brotzell’s “Beloved B”; crocheted by Linda Bakker & Heather Passmore.