Seahorse Dance Update!

I’m pleased to announce a new adjusted, solid mosaic crochet option for “Seahorse Dance“!

You’ll now receive three files for this pattern.

Beautiful sample crocheted by CrochetCarob.

Seahorse Dance

Check out the original blog entry for Seahorse Dance here and read about my babies!

I guess I figured it was a good time to talk about my own pregnancies because the male seahorses carry the babies and I was wishing my husband could have carried mine.

Original: October 2021

In 2021 I published Seahorse Dance with two files: one for interlocking crochet and one for overlay mosaic crochet.

They both used the same chart except X’s were added to the mosaic option.

Update: May 2024

A lot of people really prefer their mosaic crochet without the interlocking crochet mesh dots all over.

I don’t mind the dots – you can still tell what the picture is and you use less yarn!

But, I aim to please! So I’ve created this adjusted mosaic crochet option where the background is actually solid.

Some of the bubbles and scales in Seahorse Dance needed to remain ‘open’ so you will notice some of the imagery is still quite similar to the original design.

I’ve also given the original interlocking and original mosaic files a facelift. The charts are the biggest change – they now use my current preferred formatting.