Beloved Alphabet

This series of blankets features a fancy letter surrounded by a decorative, swirly, heart-filled frame. This series is in progress; I will continue creating each letter of the alphabet until we get all 26 letters done but I do not know how long that will take me.

Two Colorwork Techniques

All of my patterns can be done using your choice of colorwork technique: Interlocking crochet or overlay mosaic crochet.

You’ll receive the fully written pattern and charts for both techniques. You’ll also get the written pattern for right- and left-handed crocheters!

The mosaic crochet option uses an x-marked adjusted chart that is solid in the solid areas (so you don’t see any of the interlocking mesh dots when you use the mosaic technique).

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Differences between the Techniques

As mentioned above, you’ll get access to two colorwork techniques when you purchase any of the letters in this Beloved Alphabet series.

Learn more about these techniques at

The biggest differences are:

  • visible mesh dots on interlocking crochet version that are not visible on the overlay mosaic crochet version
  • the way the wrong side (the back) looks
  • how much yarn is used
  • how the finished blanket feels

Using Beloved A as an example, we can see the differences between the pink mosaic crochet blanket and the purple interlocking crochet blanket.

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Beloved Alphabet Blanket Size

These blankets work up to slightly different sizes depending on which technique you use.

The Beloved Alphabet blankets are designed to use worsted weight yarn. You can use a different yarn weight to adjust the finished size.

If you meet gauge, your finished interlocking crochet blanket will be 40” / 102cm square.

Your finished overlay mosaic crochet blanket will be 42” x 45” / 106cm x 114cm NOT including the fringe or the optional envelope border.

“Baby Blanket” Size Explanation

I made a bit of a blunder when marketing the first blanket in this series as a baby blanket. It was meant to be “B” for “Baby” but the size of the blanket is actually larger than my baby blanket section has been defined as.

(I have categorized my patterns based on size; see the full list at

So you’ll notice that the Beloved Alphabet series is NOT listed in the Baby Blankets section.

Why Is this Series Not Considered a Baby Blanket?

When I created the “Baby Blanket” section I included only patterns that have a chart size of 121 x 121. These finished squares will be about 30″ / 76cm.

Most blanket size-charts I can find list baby blankets as somewhere between the 30″ to 35″ range.

The Beloved Alphabet blankets are 40″+.

New Category: Toddler Blankets

These random blanket size-charts tend to agree that a 40″ blanket is the size for a toddler or they sometimes call it a receiving blanket size.

The wonderful thing about babies is that they grow! So even though these blankets are larger than a traditional ‘baby’ blanket size I still think they’d be perfect for a baby gift.

You can use the last name initial or the first name initial and it’s still something that they can grow with and treasure for years!

List of Available Letters

When I first published Beloved B in May 2023 I wasn’t planning on creating any more letters. The “B” was to stand for “Baby”.

There were so many requests for more letters that I finally relented and said, ‘okay I should probably make more’. But the task was still quite daunting.

Let me know if you’d like to vote for a certain letter getting done sooner than others.

Published Letters in the “Beloved Alphabet” Series

This list will grow, but currently these are the letters that are available.

“Beloved Alphabet” Options Still to Come

I won’t be doing these in alphabetical order; I’ll try to get the most popular ones done sooner rather than later.

  • Beloved A (coming soon!)
  • Beloved C (coming soon!)
  • Beloved D
  • Beloved E
  • Beloved F
  • Beloved G
  • Beloved H (coming soon!)
  • Beloved I
  • Beloved J
  • Beloved K
  • Beloved L
  • Beloved M
  • Beloved N
  • Beloved O
  • Beloved P
  • Beloved Q
  • Beloved R
  • Beloved S (coming soon!)
  • Beloved T
  • Beloved U
  • Beloved V
  • Beloved W
  • Beloved X
  • Beloved Y
  • Beloved Z