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2022 July Cat

Don’t tell the other squares but this might be my favorite one. I think it looks so cute and I picked my favorite color for this square so that helps too! I unofficially call this one “Sleepy Kitten”. I am horrible at naming my patterns, so I’ve liked the lazy method of just using the

Celebration Gnome with 3 Flag Options

This new gnome square is ready to celebrate! You can use the option with the American flag, the Canadian flag, or perhaps you want to create some magic and use the pattern with the blank flag! Each flag option has a written pattern and chart for both the interlocking crochet method and the overlay mosaic crochet method.

Double Wedding Rings Center-Out Update

My most popular pattern has now been updated to include center-out instructions for both techniques (interlocking crochet and overlay mosaic crochet). The original bottom-up versions are still included as well. Plus there is video support to get you started!

Soccer Ball 40

This custom square was drawn by Natalie Caruso. She adjusted the soccer ball from her “Love Soccer Mosaic Throw” ( so that it would be a 40-window square for a customer who wanted the squares to match my other 40-window squares! I removed the mesh dots for the mosaic version and got both techniques written

Oh Canada! Throw Blanket Update

I originally published this blanket pattern in June of 2020, and I had only been designing patterns for a few months at that point. I was pleased with it, but I am updating it now (May 2022) for a few reasons. As a Canadian designer, I really wanted to have a design that showcases who

2022 June Cat

June Cat is the 6th square in my “2022: A Year of Cats” eBook. This square is the “o” in the “Love” miniseries as well! As usual, it comes with charts and the written pattern for both the interlocking crochet technique and the overlay mosaic crochet technique.

Repeatable GoldieLux Pattern

Updated pattern to include original large square (40-window, 81 x 81 chart) and additional repeatable pattern for both techniques: interlocking crochet and overlay mosaic crochet.

2022 May Cat

My 5th cat square shows four cats, with tails swirled together. This design was inspired by a quilt block!

April 10-16, 2022: Squares Bundles

This week’s Designaversary Celebration is all about SQUARES! Take 80-88% off a bundle deal or grab just a few squares at a 40% discount. Offers end April 16, 2022!

2022 April Cat

April is here and that means we have another cat square! This cat looks like a heart with his ears and back forming the top of the heart and his tail curling down into the point at the bottom of the heart.

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