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April 10-16, 2022: Squares Bundles

This week’s Designaversary Celebration is all about SQUARES! Take 80-88% off a bundle deal or grab just a few squares at a 40% discount. Offers end April 16, 2022!

2022 April Cat

April is here and that means we have another cat square! This cat looks like a heart with his ears and back forming the top of the heart and his tail curling down into the point at the bottom of the heart.

2022 March Cat or L for Love

March Cat is our 3rd pattern in the “2022: A Year of Cats” eBook and it does double duty as the “L” in a mini-series as well! You’ll have to wait until June to get the “O”!

Double Wedding Rings: Crochet Square or Blanket Pattern

Are there bells ringing soon? Do you have friends or family members tying the knot? This beautiful design (if I do say so myself) was based on a traditional quilting pattern. The Double Wedding Rings Quilt has been remade in many variations throughout the years and I am happy to offer my take on it

2022 February Cat & Chinese Year of the Tiger

The 2nd cat square is now here! This one has some loving cats for the month of love, but be warned that there will not be a monthly theme each month!

Sunflower Garden Updated with more Charts

I published a new eBook just yesterday and now I have just updated it! My new Sunflower Garden eBook and the individual squares now include charts for those left-facing leaves. I had mistakenly assumed that chart-readers were masters in everything and didn’t need the mirrored charts to get those left-facing leaves! Silly me. I know

Sunflower Garden eBook

I’ve been showing teasers of these sunflowers for a few weeks and they are finally ready for you! Thank you to everyone who helped give me ideas for a title – I ultimately chose to use the one Lucille ‘Hauser’ Schubert suggested because it gives me flexibility in the future if I decide to create

2022 Valentine’s Bundle of One Blanket and Two Large Squares

New bundle of three patterns with some lovely hearts!

2022 January Cat; Interlocking and Overlay Mosaic Crochet Pattern

The first cat in our series is live!

2022: A Year of Cats; new eBook of oversized crochet squares

This year’s monthly square will be cat-themed!

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