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Garden Mandala: a floral blanket that can be made 4 ways

I am pleased to present my newest pattern: Garden Mandala! I have written this pattern up to be made using the overlay mosaic crochet technique from the center-out or bottom-up, and also the interlocking crochet technique from the center-out or bottom-up. It is a bit floral, with a few dainty notes, but mostly it is

Double Wedding Rings Center-Out Update

My most popular pattern has now been updated to include center-out instructions for both techniques (interlocking crochet and overlay mosaic crochet). The original bottom-up versions are still included as well. Plus there is video support to get you started!

Dream A Dream: Center-Out Crochet Square

Have you had a chance to bump up your crochet skills yet? My tutorial on crocheting from the Center-Out has been live for 2 weeks now. I have seen a few of the Tutorial Squares and I am eager to see what everyone plans to do with a square so small. I think I will