Among Us – turning a hat into a character

So, if you live under a rock, you may not have seen any of these “Among Us” toys, hats, etc. I admit, it took me longer than most to figure out why everyone kept using the phrase “sus”.

My bestie asked me to make her son a stuffy and a hat.

I *mostly* followed a pattern I found online for the little amigurumi guy. I couldn’t get the eye… goggle… face thing? I don’t know what it is, but mine wasn’t working so I had to free hand it a bit.

There are lots of free patterns out there, make sure you do use a FREE one because the creators of Among Us have been clear about their wishes: read about that here.

So, here is my little guy:

See his little wolf ears? Special request. I did 3 chains in a magic circle, then 2 single crochets in each stitch around (6). I then did one more round of sc. Flatten and sew on.

The pattern I followed made weird goggles so I kind if squished and shaped them into something I liked better.

Then I made a hat. A basic beanie.

For the matching wolf ears I had to do a lot more than 3 rounds lol

For these big wolf ears I started with 4 single crochets in a magic circle. Increase all the way around (that means put 2 sc in each stitch).

I didn’t join the rows, I was just working in rounds, so make sure you grab a stitch marker!

3rd round: repeat *sc, inc* (12)

4: repeat *2 sc, inc* (16)

5: repeat *inc, 3 sc* (20) (I moved the increase to avoid a spiral line)

6: repeat *4 sc, inc* (24)

7: repeat * 2 sc, inc, inc, 8 sc* (26)

8: repeat *inc, 12 sc* (28)

9 sc around. Cut and tie off. Leave a long tail for sewing.

Flatten the cone into an ear. Make sure you curve it strongly. Use stitch markers to place both ears on the hat before sewing.

You want them to match up! And you don’t want to have to cut your work off and redo it.

The goggle part on the hat is a 2D item instead of 3D like on the little amigurumi.

To make an oval:

Chain 17, sc in 2nd from hook and across (16).

Don’t turn your work, sc in each stitch along the bottom of your work (+ 16, 32 for this round).

Round 3: increase (put 2 sc in the same stitch), sc x14, inc in both of the next 2 stitches, sc 14, inc.

Round 4: inc, inc, sc x 14, inc x 3, sc 14, inc. Cut and tie off, leave a long tail for sewing.

Give it a try!

Child’s Sleep Mask

My 6-year-old daughter really wanted me to make her an eye mask for sleeping. She is scared of the dark so I highly doubt this will actually be used for sleeping 🤣 but I made it for her anyway.

I looked online quickly for a pattern, but I got tired of spam.

So, although it has no mosaic or interlocking design, I am putting this pattern in my blog anyway so you can give it a try too! It should be easy to make.

The amount of yarn will be quite small. And you can use whatever color you want!

I am using random scrap yarn. If I was making something for myself to actually sleep with I think some softer yarn might be worth it.

I use US terminology and I don’t yet have a tutorial on each of these stitches but you should be able to find tutorials elsewhere if you are brand new to crochet.

I use stitch markers and scissors and a needle, as well as my 3.75 mm crochet hook and some leftover yarn.

Here is my process:

This random yarn seems like it might have been a light – 3 at some point but it has been tightly wound for numerous years and it is quite skinny now. I would barely classify it as a 3 weight, maybe a 2 is a better fit.

It is also scratchy but my daughter liked the color and it was in a random box given to me so I would like to use it up.

I did a wraps-per-inch measurement and got 15. You can learn about that here from Craft Council.

I want snug stitches so I am going to use a 3.75 mm hook.

Key (US terms)

  • Ch = chain
  • Hdc = half double crochet
  • Sl st = slip stitch
  • Sc = single crochet
  • Dc = double crochet
  • Tc = triple / treble crochet

Step 1: chain 16, hdc in 2nd from hook and hdc across to end.

Add 4 more hdc in that last stitch.

Hdc in each stitch back across the bottom. Put 5 stitches in the last stitch.

Ch 1, place a stitch marker. Hdc in same spot and continue across for 15 stitches.

Put 2 hdc in each of the next 3 stitches.

Hdc back across (16 stitches). Put 2 hdc in each of the next 3 stitches. And a single hdc in the final stitch.

Join with a sl st. Move your stitch marker or use a new one.

Ch 1, hdc in same space. Hdc x 17.

2 hdc in each of the next 4 stitches.

Hdc x 18. 2 hdc in each of the next 4 stitches.

One final hdc before the stitch marker.

Join with a sl st, move your stitch marker or add another one.

Ch 1, hdc in same space. Hdc x 18.

2 hdc in each of the next 6 stitches.

Hdc x 20. 2 hdc in each of the next 6 stitches.

Hdc x2 before the stitch marker.

Join with a sl st, move your stitch marker or add another one.

The next round is slightly different.

Ch 1, hdc in same space.

Hdc x 20.

2 hdc in each of the next 3 stitches.

Hdc x 3.

2 hdc in each of the next 3 stitches.

Hdc x 1, dc x 3, tc x 4, dc x 1, hdc x 1, sc x 1, sl st x 1, sc x 1, hdc x 1, dc x 1, tc x 4, dc x 3, hdc x 1.

2 hdc in each of the next 3 stitches.

Hdc x 3.

2 hdc in each of the next 3 stitches.

Two final hdc before the stitch marker. Join with a sl st.

Ch 1, sc x 35, hdc x 2, dc x 2, 2 dc in each of the next 2 stitches, dc x 1, hdc x 2, sc x 7, hdc x 2, dc x 1, 2 dc in each of the next 2 stitches, dc x 2, hdc x 2, sc x 17, join with sl st.

Now I have embroidered two sleeping eyelids. I wish I was better at embroidery but it is what it is. Also, you will notice my lighting has changed dramatically; midnight vs noon the next day. 🤣

To create the band for around the head I imagine there are quite a few options out there. Two simple i-cords that you have to tie would work, but I don’t like tying things near hair, ouch. And my daughter is not coordinated enough to tie something behind her own head so I am going to do a “stretchy” stitch and make a band.

I have heard that knitting is good for stretch but I don’t know how to knit (yet).

I have attached my yarn to one end through the back loops only and done 5 sc across.

Now I will go back and forth doing back loop sc until it seems long enough for my daughter’s head.

I always ch 1, turn, 6 sc. Ch 1, turn, 6 sc. Repeat ad nauseum.

I tried measuring it on her head but it stretched out a LOT after a tug of war with little brother. I sewed a good 4″ over on itself to make the band tighter.

And that’s it! She originally wanted a unicorn horn, no, a bow, actually put ears on it, no, definitely no ears, etc. I will embellish it later if she ever makes up her mind. 🤷‍♀️

Abstract Princess

I know there’s a lot going on right now (the Abstract Queen CAL will start soon and my Preemie Love Blanket is free for 3 days) so perhaps from a marketing view I should have timed the release on this one better. I will work on learning marketing too someday.

I was at my computer all day finishing this pattern and working on the mosaic for my Many Hearts patterns and fixing the charts for my left-handed patterns on “Preemie Love Blanket” and “Birthday Cupcake” (which is still on for $1 CAD until the end of the month). I work on lots of things at once and sometimes it can feel like I’m getting nothing done. So I really wanted something as a finished reward and decided to get this baby out ASAP!

When I drew the Abstract Queen I had only been doing patterns for about a month. I didn’t know I could use the mosaic technique, I didn’t even know how to crochet the mosaic technique yet! lol I drew the design with no thought towards what the pattern would be like to crochet.

Turns out, it is a bit of a beast! There are random repetitions but mostly it is a long pattern that requires focus and counting for every part. And, unlike a lot of mosaic patterns out there, there is no easy way to make the pattern smaller. It is more like a picture (like my Speedy Train), and has to be done as a whole.

In an effort to make the pattern more manageable I have created a baby queen, the Abstract Princess. You can get your copy on Etsy or Ravelry. And you will get a discount for the first two days (buy it before August 28, 2020)!

The chart for this pattern is 227 x 227 so it should come out to be around 57″ square. It includes a chart and written instructions for the interlocking and mosaic techniques.

I think it is quite lovely. Am I allowed to say that about my own pattern? I really want to make it.

But I have quite a bit on my to-do list before I allow myself to crochet this one, so I really need to see your projects!

We also managed to list and conditionally sell our house last week, and then we conditonally bought a new one (all in 5 days!). I am confident our buyer’s financing will go through and then ours will too.

It is very exciting around here and I am so glad I get to share my patterns with you all. Thank you for your patience as I deal with this big life event as well!

My work in progress – a scrappy mosaic version of the Abstract Princess!

2021 Update: I’ve been going through my posts to try and clean things up (too many random ads, spelling error here and there, etc). I remember the excitement at selling and buying and how eager I was for our lives to change. Shortly after this, my husband lost his job, we didn’t move into a new house, and we had to leave a lot of our things behind when we moved into a tiny apartment 7 hours away (closer to family). It was super stressful.

Buzz Lightyear Sweater, part 2

I managed to find some time for this project today.

I have the body done.

I pinned the shoulders together and tried it on my wiggly toddler. It seems to fit!

I thought 7 stitches from shoulder towards the neck would be enough but after trying it on him I think 9 will be better. That leaves me 28 stitches from collar, across the back, to the other collar for a hood.

The hood is this deep purple and I think the colors are looking great.

I am going to do a very simple hood. Just 20 rows of hdc and then fold the top in half and sew it up.

The hood is definitely not deep enough as is, but I still need to put that purple border on so it should be ok.

For the front border, I simply started in the bottom corner and put a sc in each row all the way up amd back down. Then, I did 5 rows of hdc and finally, 2 rows of sc. I believe a button would fit through these holes if I ever decided to put some on but the plan is to just leave it open.

Also, a big thing I would change if I did this again: those color changes I carried up the side are NOT being hidden by the loose stitches. 😰😭

The white is definitely visible under the purple border.

Oh well. I am not frogging it. Moving on. The sleeves are next.

If I was making a vest I would be done!

I am using green to make a row of sc around the arm holes. Then I will switch to white but I will try the back loop only trick again. It definitely makes a difference but I’m not 100% sure it is worth the effort yet.

I have 29 green stitches around the arm hole. I joined my white and did 29 sc into the back loops only. Then I joined that round with a slip stitch, ch 1, hdc around. From now on I will use a stitch marker to keep track of my rounds.

I did 7 hdc rounds of 29 stitches. Then I started decreasing. Row 8 had 1 decrease (28 stitches) and then I did 2 more rows. Row 11 had 1 decrease (27 stitches).

At the end of row 12 I did a sc and then a slip stitch and cut and tied off my yarn.

I then joined the green and did 3 rows. I put a decrease in the 3rd row (26 stitches).

Back to white to finish off these sleeves. I did 2 rows at 26 stitches and then a row with a decrease.

I put all my decreases on the underside or back of the sleeves but I don’t pay too much attention to the exact stitch so I am not sure if it was stitch 10 or 15 or whatever of the row.

I did 2 more rows at 25 stitches, then a row with a decrease in it, then a final row with 24 stitches. I finished off the sleeves by doing 2 rows of hdc alternating using the front and back posts. Sort of a false ribbed look.

It is a bit big on him, but I want him to be able to wear it for awhile. We can roll the sleeves up for a year.

If I was completely focused on crocheting I could whip up this sweater in a day or two. But I have little kids and we just listed our house for sale so I think it took me 2 weeks?

It was a nice change from blankets anyway.

Buzz Lightyear Sweater, part 1

My toddler is in LOVE with Buzz Lightyear. You may have already seen the blanket I made him?

I started it one month before having my 3rd child, so it took me nearly a year to finish! But of course, during that year I didn’t get to work on it that often. There was at least a full 3 months where I didn’t even touch it.

It is all single crochet and at one point I think I had 50 bobbins! I used a 4.5 mm hook and worsted weight yarn. It is quite heavy and sort of stiff. I was trying to keep it from being too large but if I did another graphgan I would use a 5 mm hook so the drape is a bit looser.

My cute little boy was really excited to get it, but he won’t sleep with it. 🤷‍♀️ Kids.

I am now attempting to make him a Buzz Lightyear sweater. Maybe he will use this more. His older sister likes her unicorn sweater and and I will have to come up with some fancy sweater for my 3rd child as well.

On a completely unrelated note: I am happy to report the front porch has been renovated and looks much better now

I am writing out my pattern as I make it up. It won’t be a true pattern because I don’t plan on making size options. This is just the one size I am using that will fit my one child right now. I also created a Ravelry project page.

I am using worsted weight yarn. Red Heart Super Saver melon green. Some leftover black from my stash. Red Heart Super Saver medium purple. Not sure what brand this leftover white is.

My main stitch is going to be the hdc (half double crochet) because it gives enough bulk when using a large hook and makes the project quick.

My hook is a 7 mm. It looks like I have about 11 hdc by 8 rows in 4″ as a gauge.

I am starting with green at the bottom, and working my way up.

Foundation hdc 67. Ch 1, turn and hdc in the same spot (counts as the first stitch). I had more problems than usual with keeping my stitch count proper, stitch markers are your friend!

After the foundation row, do another row of hdc with the green, then switch to black for 2 rows.

I am adding these single crochet white rows to represent the bendy part of Buzz’s waist. I am doing the SC in the back loop only and then switching back to black and doing hdc in the front loop only.

I want those unused loops to both be on the “right side” of my work. This is an amigurumi trick to get straight lines and I am not sure it will work the same with my loose gauge but I figured it is worth a try.

I also do the first and last stitch under both loops because I want my project to feel sturdy. In mosaic crochet when you join new yarn you use both loops, so I joined yarn with the same technique.

I then did 2 rows of black, another row of white, 2 rows of black, a row of white, and 2 rows of black. For the color changing rows I always used the loop on the wrong side (sometimes that is the front loop and sometimes it is the back loop).

Turns out I messed up my own made up pattern 🤣 white was supposed to be sc, but the middle row is hdc

I also chose to just drag my yarn up the side instead of cutting it each time. I plan on putting a border on after that will cover the messy edges anyway so I would rather not have ends to weave in.

Ugly edges for now

Now that the waist is done I have cut the black and I am using white again. When you look at Buzz you will notice he has two purple stripes across his front… but the angle makes it complicated. I decided my sweater was going to be a bit more abstract and not an actual image of his costume. Maybe I am being too lazy. I hope it’s good enough.

I have done 3 rows of hdc in white, then one row in dark purple, then 3 more in white. Why did I do just one row of purple? Well I am using the leftover yarn from that Toy Story blanket and this piece of yarn was the perfect length to just do one row.

He knows it is for him

I then switched to green for 3 more rows until I decided the length was sufficient. Now the tricky math part.

I started with 67 hdc, but I will be adding a border along the front opening, so I folded it into an approximate sweater shape and counted the front panel stitches. I did a few rows and measured it on my not-so-cooperative toddler.

With all that very official measuring I decided each front panel will have 15 stitches. And I want them to be at least 7″ tall from the armpit hole to the shoulder based on his other clothes.

Therefore, I did an extra 13 rows of 15 stitches for each front panel and 13 rows of 39 stitches for the back panel. The stitch that had my stitch markers got used for both the front and back panels.

And I like to make the stitches match on the front, so with the first front panel, since my yarn was attached, I started at the outside edge, but with the second front panel I joined my yarn where the stitch marker was because a hdc doesn’t look quite the same on each side and I wanted the front to line up with the front. I also joined my back panel to the stitch marker near the 1st front panel because that makes all the hdc face the same way.

So far, this does not look like what I first envisioned. But it feels nice. Soft and stretchy. And it has worked up pretty quickly.

Technically, it has been 2 days since I started it, but I also managed to get 2 patterns updated to include right- and left-handed instructions for both interlocking and mosaic crochet (Preemie Love and Wild and Free) and I published a new pattern: Speedy Train!

I am going to publish this in two parts because it is quite long with my notes and ramblings and it may take me a few days to get back to this project.

Household Birthdays

Three of the five people living in my house have birthdays in August!

First, my husband. He buys his own gift and I make him a meal (kind of like every day lol). I also make him a cake each year and decorate it fancy (but very homemade “fancy”… not professional looking).

Then, a few days later, my baby will turn 1! I’ll bake her some cupcakes or a small cake to smash.

Exactly a week later is my eldest daughter’s birthday: she will be 6 this year!

So, to celebrate, I’ve managed to add mosaic instructions to my “Birthday Cupcake” pattern and it will be on sale for $1 for the rest of the month!

Or, if you prefer, you can grab it on Etsy! Their discounts don’t work the same way so I’ve just changed the “regular” price temporarily.

Preemie Love Blanket

I’m new to designing, new to having a blog, new to this world of turning my hobby into a business. It seems like a good idea to team up with others who are more established.

This pattern was created in response to a challenge from Sunflower Cottage Crochet to create a pattern suitable for a donation to a NICU or other preemie charity. They will be featuring one pattern a day from different designers for the month of August, 2020. And we will all be using the hashtag #preemiecrochetchallenge2020 so you can find the projects easily! Don’t forget to tag your works too!

The challenge is that each free download (see below for the link) will be considered a pledge to make that pattern and donate it by the end of November (which is Preemie Awareness Month). I don’t have a nearby NICU centre (since I live in the middle of nowhere, Saskatchewan), but I do have a new baby niece!

I will likely have to make this blanket again because I have 3 children and 2 blankets – not a good ratio!

This pattern holds a special place in my heart because my first baby was preemie. She was born at 36 weeks – which is considered a late premature. Some babies are fine at this point, others can still have a lot of problems. After a 30-hour labour, my little 5 lb 13 oz girl was born. We stayed in the hospital for 5 days because baby Alice needed to stay in the warming isolette for a day or two (the details are a bit fuzzy to be honest).

The first few months at home were stressful. She hard a hard time eating. She always wanted to sleep. She dropped down to 5 lbs 3 oz and was in the 6th percentile for weight and the doctor considered diagnosing her “failure to thrive”.

Somehow we made it through. And I have a proud-mama-picture of her at 3 months old, FINALLY over 8 lbs! However, shortly after that, we discovered that the heart murmur she had since birth was not benign. She would need surgery.

A 7 months old, my baby girl underwent a balloon valvuloplasty to correct the pulmonary stenosis. One sentence doesn’t describe the stress.

But everything went smoothly. Every few years they check on her heart and so far, so good. She’s growing like a weed (do they say that about kids everywhere, or only here in Saskatchewan?) and she’s a sweet, kind, caring 5 year old now (well, she’ll be 6 in three weeks).

But, back to the crochet!

I could tell you a completely different story about the baby in this picture, but I’ll save that for another time. She’s my 3rd and she’s just as sweet as her sister and brother.

I crocheted this blanket using both the techniques I make my patterns for. The orange and blue one (with the thick blue envelope border) is mosaic. The colors seem more accurate in the picture with my baby versus the picture with the older kids holding the blankets but either way, you get the point, you can see the hearts and the word “love” and it’s soft and a good size.

The purple-on-purple blanket is interlocking crochet. It’s slightly smaller because there’s no extra border. This technique also uses *slightly* less yarn.


I’m also MUCH faster at crocheting using the interlocking technique. It is sort of difficult for me to constantly be using the front loop or back loop of a stitch. Based on what they show in the magazines, mosaic seems to be the more popular choice. But I will definitely be sticking with the interlocking technique!

Another thing to note is that I used a medium (4) weight yarn but you could easily use a different yarn! When I use a baby or sport weight yarn I usually get about 6 stitches per inch which would make the finished blanket around 20″ (about 51 cm).

Many centers have restrictions on the size of blanket you can donate (example, it must be less than 30”). Make sure you do a gauge swatch if your finished piece needs to be a certain size.

You can buy this pattern on Etsy or Ravelry (it is on sale on Ravelry for the month of August – add it to your cart to see the automatic discount).

PROMOTION ENDED! For 3 DAYS ONLY (August 25 & 26 & 27, 2020) you will be able to download this pattern for free on Ravelry! The code “Preemie2020” is being used for every pattern in this promotion.

I will send a tally back to Sunflower Cottage Crochet and they will announce the numbers (downloads/pledges) on their pattern round-up post.

Go to Sunflower Cottage Crochet

I can’t wait to see everything you all create!

Personal update: 977 of you took advantage of the free promotion code! That is a lot of blankets! Wow! I did not expect so many! Great job everyone!

Three months young

I’ve been a pattern publisher for three months now. I have learned so many new things. My head is ready to explode!

As of today I have over 90 patterns published on Ravelry. I have 28 listings on Etsy. I have 601 followers on Instagram. I have over 20 YouTube videos and 339 subscribers. I have 1681 members in my Facebook group (even with a typo in the name 😱😰 only a few more days to go before I’m allowed to change my name again). And 229 likes on my Facebook page. It’s tough keeping everything sorted.

I don’t get as much crocheting done now that I spend so much time advertising and drawing up patterns and writing up patterns and teaching others how to read the patterns. I am trying to crochet a baby blanket right now. The pattern will be released in conjunction with a promotion I signed up for.

And, of course, I have to add one more thing to my list of new things: a blog!

Why would I do this? Well, it turns out I’m kind of chatty.

And I have seen many crochet blogs that make money on advertising and are thus able to offer their patterns for free. I’d love to do that too.

I hope things will be nicely organized here and easy to find. Professionalism is good too, but mostly I’m just going to be me. Because I need this outlet.

I’m a mom. A stay-at-home-mom. A mom who loves her 3 little children so much! And a mom who is struggling to stay sane through it all. So I am doing this for me.